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Vessels for Cooking-6

The vessels one use for cooking is important and food is rarely cooked with the right vessels today.


Granite pots or kal chatti (stone pot) is THE BEST


Clay pots or Kalam is THE SECOND BEST for cooking any kind of food.


Vessels made of iron and cooking grade stainless steel can also be used. It is best is you use clay and granite pots as food cooked in stays fresh for a long period.


There are also pots made of other metals but foods with different tastes cause specific reaction. So it is generally best to use granite and clay pots rather than going for specific metal pots.

Here is a description which was found on a google group forum by Chinu. I am copy pasting it.

Utensils of the yester years.

Our homes had many kitchen utensils that are no more used at home. But I could see the glimpseof some of these in use   in our cosuisn sisters kalkad house which is over 300 years old . I was privileged have discussion with them on the use of these utensils
Kalam [ claypot]. They were used for making kashayam[ Ayurvedic decoction], storing curd, butter milk etc. They had to be seasoned before the initial use to prevent cracking.
Kalchatti [ pot made of soap-stone]They were used for cooking curries, storing pazhayassadham [ the rice left over after supper]. This rice was soaked in water.The same was eaten the next day morning combining with curd. They too had to be seasoned before the initial use to prevent cracking.
The seasoning was called mayakkal.
Bharani [ glazed clay-pots]. These were used for storing kadumangai, pickles, uppu managai [mangoes in brine], curd, buttermilk, seeded tamarind, etc.
Arikkinchatti [ a vessel made of copper or brass]. This had to be tin-coated before initial use and once in 6 months to prevent the contamination with copper.This was used to water the cows, to destine the rice[arishi arickal/kazhuval].A circular and shallow vessel made of brass called tharppanavattai was used in combination to destone the rice.Small amount of rice was put into the tharppanavattai .Then dipped into the water filled in the arikkinchatti and swirled ;then lifted out of it. Doing thus the light rice goes into the arikkinchatti and the heavier stones remained in the tharppanavattai. The cooked rice was decanted into the arikkinchatti. Adavalagai, a semicircular wooden board was used to decant the cooked rice.

Uruli is a circular and shallow vessel made of bell-metal. This was used to cook payasam, chakkavaratti[ jackfruit jam],boiling milk for making Mysore pakku[ a sweet made of milk and sugar] etc.
Sevanazhi [ a kind of ricer]. This has deep hollow and at the bottom perforations. The dough is put into the hollow and pressed.The dough thus pressed escapes through the tiny holes in thread shape. This is called sevai.This is then steamed.
Appa karol. This is a frying pan which has cups like a muffin-pan.This is used for cooking neyyappam and morappam.The pan has three or four cups. The batter is poured into the cups containing boiling oil.
Attukal is a wet-grinder made of granite. It has a stationary thick slab with a bowl in the middle.The rolling stone [kozhavi] is rolled in the bowl. This is used for grinding batter, gravy for curries etc. The tender jackfruit for edichakka thoran was pounded in attukal.

Ammikkal is a dry is used to grind red-chillies, thukayal [chutney], to crush ginger, curry leaves and green chillies for making sambaram [ a drink made of buttermilk].
Kunthani is a mortar embedded in the floor to pound rice and red chillies.
Ural and Ulacka [ Mortar and pestle]. These were made of wood . Rice, veppilakkatti[ an appetizer made combining curry leaves, vadakappulynarangayila [wild lemon tree leaves],perunkayam[asofaetida],salt,red chllies], to pound rice, to prepare avil [rice-flakes]
Kindi is a jug made of brass with a long spout .This was used for washing feet, and in toilets.
Kappikindi { the kettle] this was used to boil water to prepare coffee and tea.
Valpalakai [ an oval wooden slab with a handle].This was for the priests and others to sit on ceremonial occasions. This was also utilized for destoning mustard. A vattamuram [ a bamboo tray] was used in combination. The valpalakai was held at an acute angle and the mustard was put on it. It rolled down into the vattamuram and the stones remained atop.
Venkalappanai [ a vessel made of bell-metal]. This was used for cooking rice.
Thondi/kutam[ is a vessel which flares towards the middle, made of copper or brass]. This was used to draw water from the well and to fetch water.
Vattamuram[ bamboo tray] This was used to toss rice, lentil [ toor and urid dal], red chillies etc. The unwanted things from them were thus removed.



They are made of plastic which means you are eating plastic.

non stick cooking pans


Sour taste reacts with aluminium.


Copper pots can be used but it should be coated with tin.

One can use big plates as a cutting board or a flat marble


Traditionally iron knives were used. You can also use steel ones.


Plastic sieves should not be used to sieve hot tea only steel sieves should be used.

Steel, glass can be used for serving. PLASTIC BOWLS, melamine plates should not be used.

No plastic glass, melamine glass should be used.

Never use plastic ones.


Never use plastic ones.

food combining chart

Wrong Food Combinations

As with everything else food is being played with now a days. The more money you have the more one plays with food. Remember buffets and many course meals. This is the height of stupidity. Nothing more nothing less. See, every single item of food like for eg. a carrot or banana is a COMPLETE FOOD IN ITSELF. Nature has made it that way, You need not add your stupidity to make less complete.


Every single food item is best taken alone. It makes digestion easier. If you are eating bread it is best to eat it alone.


Now COMBINING FOOD IS A SCIENCE and you need not add your nonsense to it. It is this rule that is mercilessly violated today.


Never drink water or liquids together with meals. Digestion enhancing substances like wine should be used in less quantities and no more. Water should be drunk one to one and a half hour before meals. Again water should be drunk two to two and a half hours after meals.



Proteins (best eaten separately)   (pulses) best with Veggies. Nuts can be had separately.

Our daily protein requirement is 1 gram per kg of body weight. 50 kilo person should consume 50 grams of protein daily.

Carbohydrates    best with veggies. with fats ok.

Vegetables either separately or with carbohydrates or proteins.

Fruits are best eaten separately. Dont combine different fruits in a meal.


Now lets look at it in a practical way.

(1) Of all the food milk has the most antagonisms. So milk is best drunk separately and BEFORE 3 HOURS BEFORE BED.

(2) Salads or raw veggies should not be eaten with cooked food.

(3) Never combine meat with carbs like wheat and rice.

(4) A good digestion ends in one and a half to two hours time. If it takes more than that something is wrong.

Food combining is a science and is too exhaustive to be mentioned here. Know that if your digestion takes more than 2 hours to complete then you have combined your food wrongly or due to other reasons.

REad more here:

water drops

Purifying your Water

It is important for your heath that the water you drink should be clean. In this post we will look at some of the ways by which water can be purified.


Three pots must be kept on top of each other. In the above two pots make a hole of one inch and should be covered with grass on both pots. The upper pot must be filled with sand; the middle one with charcoal; and the bottom third one to collect the purified water.

(2) Storing water in COPPER POTS

You can store water in copper pots. Copper post must be regularly with sour thing like tamarind paste or lemon with salt.

(3) Exposing water to SUNLIGHT

Expose water to sunlight by pouring water from one container to another in front of sunlight couple of times.


Rain water is the purest form of water and should be drunk on monsoons.


The methods i have given here are some simple methods you can use there are many other region specific methods as well.


Get a rudraksha mala from isha shoppe

Hold it over water. If it turns clockwise it is pure and good to drink. If it turns anti clockwise it is good as SHIT. Try it on artificial drinks the you can know how your brands care for you by giving you poisons to drink.



Yogis and Yoginis carried Kamandalu and not bisleris, aquafinas or himalayala mineral water which is WORSE THAN SHIT.


NEVER heat water using electric stove.

NEVER heat water with microwaves.

NEVER drink carbonated water or soda. You body is already giving out CO2 then whey are you drinking it.


cool drinks


ANY MAN MADE ARTIFICIAL SHIT SHOULD BE AVOIDED which includes milk powder, rasna and so on.

men traveling in motorcycles

Driving Reduces Your Life

By driving i mean your vehicles–the things that people take pride in. To the fools that take pride in their two, four and many wheeled fucking vehicles–know this that you are playing with your life.

The Rolls may be the BEST WHEELS on the PLANET but it is not good enough for MAN as NATURE NEVER INTENDED IT. For movement she gave you LEGS and not mercs, rovers and the rest. SO THINK!

 rolls royce cars on road

Much before vehicles were invented people rode on horses and other animals. I am certain that these people dint live very long. Any form of riding is dangerous by the fact that it it puts a strain on body organs. Only if the movement is slow then the ride is good. But now speed is more important than one’s very health. And even more dangerous is when you eat and then ride or eat while riding. Only after your digestion is complete one can start riding but still it is not good. Any animal knows that after eating it has to take rest but the moron man eager to poke his prick ignores everything and meets with a quick death.


Now we have all the riding clubs whose motto is ”TWO WHEELS MOVE THE SOUL” but i would rather say “TWO WHEELS MOVE YOUR CORPSE.” These people dont know what the fuck they are doing and are in VERY DEEP SHIT. Another worse thing is TRAVELING BY AIR. The only vehicle ever designed by Rishis for land use was bullock carts.

man riding a bullock cart

Now you might laugh at me for mentioning bullock carts in this space age as you think its speed is not enough. But remember this: IF YOU TAKE A CAREFREE ATTITUDE TOWARDS LIFE, LIFE WILL ALSO  TAKE A CAREFREE ATTITUDE TOWARDS YOU.

men riding on motorcycles

Apart from this, under the merciless ego of the magnanimous man his vehicles wheels and the vehicle itself causes death to his fellow creatures. Such is the kind of person who talks about protecting nature, wildlife and other bullshit, as if he is some BIG PRICK. I certainly believe that nature would go much better without the moron man than with him. Now, seeing that earth wont satisfy his ignorance he is planning to make other planets his home. Do you remember the story of the woodcutter who cuts the very branch he is sitting on. Now you can guess who the woodcutter is.


taking a shower

RIght way to Bathe

Now one might wonder whether there’s any method to bathing or taking shower. Yes, there is! And there are FIVE KINDS OF BATHING. Bathing with EARTH/ MUD, WATER, FIRE, AIR, SPACE/ETHER.


Here either you can cover your entire body with clay except your head or get submerged in earth leaving your head out. If your do this for half an hour to on hour it is good. While applying fine clay on your body or on specific parts either you can cover it with a cloth or leave it uncovered. IF you leave it UNCOVERED temperature is reduced; it has a cooling effect. If you COVER it with a cloth temperature is increased.This practice removes toxins from the body, reduces swelling, relaxes the muscles, removes pain and so on. Now you know why in the akhara people exercise in the mud.

mud bath



Normally the water you get for bathing will be slightly less than room temperature. Here one should start bathing by washing and cleaning both your feet first–its under side as well as top portion. Then you should pour water on your legs from the waist down. Then you should pour water on your arms and torso (base of neck to waist). Finally you should pour water on your head couple of times. Clean every inch of your body.

While taking shower also this method should be adopted. Cold water bathing strengthens your body.

One should not bath in VERY COLD WATER. One should bath twice daily and once in rainy season if you have not sweated during the day. Singing while taking a bath is good to balance temperature


In warm water bathing also you should adopt the procedure for cold water bathing. This is for the brain to get used to the temperature shift. Warm water bathing removes toxins through the skin and relaxes your muscles. Too much warm water bathing weakens your body. It is best to do it once in a while.


All your shaving creams, soaps, shampoos, cleaning agents everything artificially made by man are TOXIC. WHen you use such thins on your body they seep into your body through the pores on your skin and create all kinds of problems. So dont use such SHITS. For bathing in bharat we traditionally used powdered pulses like green gram and so on instead of soap.

Heating water in HEATERS or MICROWAVES for bathing is NOT GOOD.



First rub your back completely, then your head, then face, then torso, then arms, then legs.


It is best to start your day by exposing EVERY INCH OF YOUR BODY including your ANUS  to sunlight. You can do this either while exercising or after bathing. Unless you get enough sunlight certain nutrients are not absorbed in you body. Foreigners understand its importance and lie naked on beaches to absorb sunlight. Best time to sun bath before 9 AM and after 4 PM.

sun bathing in beach

sun worship

child lighting a lamp

sadhu with his dhuni

Lighting a lamp in the morning and evening also serves the same purpose. But is less effective than exposing to SUNLIGHT.

KRIYA YOGA is the ULTIMATE FIRE BATH where you bath yourself with inner energy or SUN/ prana.

You can learn about sun gazing here:

Even NASA has confirmed sun gazing:

For learning SURYA KRIYA click:

“Hiranmayena patrena satya-syapi-hitam mukham,

tattvam pusanna-pavrnu satya-dharmaya drstaye.”

“The Truth is concealed by the golden vessel. O Sun! Open the entrance to that cover, so that the Truth that is concealed by you is visible to me, a truthful devotee, by your illuminating Grace.”


One should expose oneself to breeze either naked or with clothes. NAKED is the best in all the type of baths. Pranayama is another way to clean the air within you but only when the atmosphere is clean. It is not recommended in cities where pollution is high.

woman enjoying breeze


Meditation cleans the space within you.

a kriya yogi

sadhu doing tapasya

Sadhana – Your Spiritual Homework

Doing your sadhana or spiritual practices is a NECESSITY if you want to gain higher experiences in life. Sadhana is like a SPIRITUAL HOMEWORK to get the top position in the UNIVERSITY OF LIFE. Now many might complain about the homework business still continuing even in life. YES, for you to get proficiency in what you are doing one needs to do homework and Sadhana or spiritual homework is the ULTIMATE HOMEWORK one could possible do.

There are many general  sadhanas one can do and if you get a GOOD GURU he will make you do CUSTOM SADHANAS specially designed for you. I will not go too much into this and it would be better for you to start with any simple spiritual practice so that you can gradually climb the ladder of sadhana and experience the ultimate. A basic spiritual practice is to  visit temples.

If a person takes birth in Bharat which is the SPIRITUAL HEADQUARTERS of this PLANET and if he does not do sadhana he is living a waste life. Here is what Osho says on Bharat:

“India is not just a geography or history. It is not just a nation,a country,a mere piece of land.It is something more:it’s a metaphor,poetry,something invisible but very tangible. It is vibrating with certain energy fields that no other country can claim. For almost ten thousand years,thousands of people have reached to the ultimate explosion of consciousness. Their vibration is still alive,their impact is in the very air; you just need a certain perceptiveness, a certain capacity to receive the invisible that surrounds this strange land. It is strange because it has renounced everything for a single search, the search for truth.”

It is the only culture in the world where the only goal in human life is to get liberation or mukti. To be free from the very process of life, from every limitation and to go beyond that. This is a GODLESS CULTURE where GOD is seen only as a stepping stone. People were free to worship anything: from cows to snakes, from trees to rock and still attain enlightenment. In other countries people believed ‘GOD CREATED THEM,’ but here in bharat we have created many varieties of GODS over time and thereby  we PERFECTED the WHOLE TECHNOLOGY OF GOD-MAKING. Sadhana is in other words is ‘the technology of god-making.’ That is something isn’t it.

So, start your sadhana!


The Imminence of Death

Death is a habit of the body and one does not know when we will be over taken by death. However one believes and acts as though one is going to live forever. This is nothing but stupidity. The people that you see today there is no guarantee that you will see them tomorrow. It is this uncertainty that is the HALLMARK OF LIFE.

Fools will carry on with LIFE-AS-USUAL attitude. But the HUMBLE YOGI knows that DEATH IS NOT THE END and that is is only a SMALL PAUSE in the CYCLE OF LIFE that has started since the BEGINNING OF LIFE. He therefore wants to go beyond death and does all things to ensure that it happens thereby wasting no time. He knows that death is nothing but soul  changing its body which is beautifully described in Bhagavad Gita as given below:

वासांसि जीर्णानि यथा विहाय नवानि गृह्णाति नरोऽपराणि।
तथा शरीराणि विहाय जीर्णान्यन्यानि संयाति नवानि देही।।
As a person puts on new garments, giving up old ones, similarly, the “soul” accepts new material bodies, giving up the old and useless ones.

A simple practice which could help you in the direction of spirituality is: WHEN YOU BEHAVE WITH PEOPLE BEHAVE AS IF YOU ARE SEEING HIM FOR THE LAST TIME. You will never see the person again in life. With such an attitude people will behave in the loving way possible because you will never get chance to repent for wrong doing again.

So please dont waste time in FLIRTING WITH SENSE OBJECTS instead work on your sadhana as no one knows when death would catch up with you.