Driving Reduces Your Life

By driving i mean your vehicles–the things that people take pride in. To the fools that take pride in their two, four and many wheeled fucking vehicles–know this that you are playing with your life.

The Rolls may be the BEST WHEELS on the PLANET but it is not good enough for MAN as NATURE NEVER INTENDED IT. For movement she gave you LEGS and not mercs, rovers and the rest. SO THINK!

 rolls royce cars on road

Much before vehicles were invented people rode on horses and other animals. I am certain that these people dint live very long. Any form of riding is dangerous by the fact that it it puts a strain on body organs. Only if the movement is slow then the ride is good. But now speed is more important than one’s very health. And even more dangerous is when you eat and then ride or eat while riding. Only after your digestion is complete one can start riding but still it is not good. Any animal knows that after eating it has to take rest but the moron man eager to poke his prick ignores everything and meets with a quick death.


Now we have all the riding clubs whose motto is ”TWO WHEELS MOVE THE SOUL” but i would rather say “TWO WHEELS MOVE YOUR CORPSE.” These people dont know what the fuck they are doing and are in VERY DEEP SHIT. Another worse thing is TRAVELING BY AIR. The only vehicle ever designed by Rishis for land use was bullock carts.

man riding a bullock cart

Now you might laugh at me for mentioning bullock carts in this space age as you think its speed is not enough. But remember this: IF YOU TAKE A CAREFREE ATTITUDE TOWARDS LIFE, LIFE WILL ALSO  TAKE A CAREFREE ATTITUDE TOWARDS YOU.

men riding on motorcycles

Apart from this, under the merciless ego of the magnanimous man his vehicles wheels and the vehicle itself causes death to his fellow creatures. Such is the kind of person who talks about protecting nature, wildlife and other bullshit, as if he is some BIG PRICK. I certainly believe that nature would go much better without the moron man than with him. Now, seeing that earth wont satisfy his ignorance he is planning to make other planets his home. Do you remember the story of the woodcutter who cuts the very branch he is sitting on. Now you can guess who the woodcutter is.


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