Dont eat Iodised Salt

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The consequences of iodized saltBy Naresh Arya
The Indian government has made it mandatory to sell iodized salt and put a ban on the sale of non-iodized salt. But the government has failed to show the harmful effects caused by excessive intake of iodine. Let’s look at some of these effects.

RECENTLY, THE government of India had made it compulsory to sell iodized salt, which means that you won’t get the normal non-iodized (iodine free) or natural salt in the market.

The hidden agenda (birth control or population control):-

It is clearly established that the Indian government is performing an undercover population control operation mainly due to external compulsions.

The worst hit are the consumers who fail to comply with the family planning birth control protocol. It reminds me of the birth control operation of Sanjay Gandhi in the late 70s. The only difference is the latter is silently executed in stealth mode.The process: The natural sea salt is poisoned ( I used the term poisoned, which will be explained later) with a chemical called potassium iodide to make the so called ’iodized salt’.

The theory: (As projected by the government) iodine is essential for the normal physical and mental development of the body, it regulates the thyroid gland (situated in the neck ).

Deficiency of iodine could lead to hypothyroidism and goiter (diseases characterised by swelling in the neck) and the best way to deliver iodine to the masses is to add it in some essential food additive such as common table salt.

The facts: The government fails (or hides) to show the devastating harmful effects caused by excessive intake of iodine.

1) Iodine deficiency in India is confined or restricted to remote hilly regions of India such as Nagaland and Assam.

2) 99.9 per cent of India is iodine sufficient ie we are not iodine deficient.

3) The food, vegetables, milk, etc, which we take are enough to maintain the normal dietary intake of iodine, which means that we don’t need to take extra iodine.

4) If we consume iodized salt then we are pumping extra iodine into our bodies, far exceeding the recommended daily allowance (RDA).

Harmful effects of extra iodine consumption:

The extra iodine present in our body triggers high release of thyroxine hormone from thyroid gland leading to a condition known as hyperthyroidism.

1) Hyperthyroidism: The disease is characterised by infertility in females, psychological symptoms viz anxiety, restlessness, psychosis, miscarriages(abortions) and premature births.

The greatest effect is the premature development of the secondary sexual characters (SSCs) such as development of breasts and pubic hairs in females and beards in males at an early age.

Rapid and premature aging and presumably premature deaths.

2) Thyrotoxicosis

3) Thyroid cancer etc.

70-80 per cent of female infertility is caused due to hyperthyroidism, a disease caused by high iodine intake.

Then why on earth the Indian government is forcefully making the sale of iodized salt mandatory?

Suggestions :

The government should immediately lift the ban on the sale of natural salt (non iodized).

The policy makers should think twice and carefully analyse the consequences before implementing such Tuglaqi farmaans.

The scientific research communities should come forward and carry independent research on the long term effects of human iodine intake.

Extra facts, deep R&A about iodine:

I would like to give some experimental evidence on the effect of iodine on living creatures.

Tadpoles, which are small fish like creatures while on its first stage in the life cycle of frog were used, the tadpoles were divided into three batches of equal population.
Batch 1: Was given normal feed and was kept as a control measure.
Batch 2: Was given iodine deficient feed
Batch 3: Was given iodine excess feed

The results after two weeks were quite alarming.

The first batch, which was given normal feed behaved normally and changed (metamorphosed) from tadpole to frog (adult) and reproduced in a normal manner.

The second batch, which was given iodine deficient feed was unable to change from tadpole to frog and remained the same.

The third batch, which was given extra iodine changed from tadpole to frog stage very fast almost half the time required by the normal ones, and most of the adult frogs were relatively small when compared to normal ones and the rate of reproduction dropped by almost 60 per cent to the normal.

The same effect is seen in mammals including humans and the effects, which can be concluded in humans due to excess iodine are:

1) Rapid aging and transformation to adult stage.
2) Drop in fertility rate and old age symptoms at an early stage.


The word poison is apt for iodine as it slowly poisons our population out of existence. The scientific research communities should come forward and carry independent research on the long term effects of human iodine intake.