Body–Your Machine for Life

They keep their engines silky smooth

Its bodies neat as a pin

While their human form with which to experience divinity

Is ever towed behind like a wreck.

“I have already always insisted that the most difficult thing to race with is yourself, not somebody else. To be able to take yourself to the limits but never breaking up, thats the essence of life. One who saves himself never gets anywhere. One who crosses the limit,of course gets somewhere but he wont be here. To be able to get to the last point and still not flip over, is the essence of life, is the very essence of yoga too. But if you want to drive yourself to that last rev possible, highest rev possible, your machine should be good –this human mechanism, which is the most sophisticated machine.”


We like in an era in which machines are glorified for their functional use. Man is the only creature who has glorified machines unlike any other animal. As a result we see that animals are healthy and man is sick. Day by day we are getting dependent on machines that our bodies are getting disused. And people who love machines know very well that anything lying disused will not function properly. Have you heard about Albert Camus, he said that a time will come when If someone falls in love with somebody, he will appoint a servant to go and make love on his behalf. Now they are saying that people will make love with robots in the future. This i think is where we are heading if we don’t change our habits.

Most people want to show-off the hugeness of their PRIDE by the bigness of their houses; the length, luxury and noise of their vehicles and so on. But it is only the humble yogi who knows that all worldly possessions cannot satisfy his pride. So he longs for that by which everything else is satisfied. And for that he keeps his body in over the top condition so that his body does not fail him in his efforts.

This blog is all about maintaining your body very well that it becomes a launch pad for something else. So, keep your body well so that you are able to experience life’s ultimate potential.

The Rishis prayed:

A hundred autumns may we see.
A hundred autumns may we live.
A hundred autumns may we know.
A hundred autumns may we grow.
A hundred autumns may we thrive.
A hundred autumns may we be.
A hundred autumns may we bide.
A hundred, yea, and even more.


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