Cleaning your Tongue

Cleaning your tongue is easy. Join the index, middle and ring finger and with these three rub on your tongue back and forth until the white coating is totally gone. This is normal cleansing. Then to reach the deep ends of your tongue for cleansing you should use your index and middle finger together. This will clean the end of your tongue and it is here that most waste matter stays. (I DONT RECOMMEND USING METAL TONGUE SCRAPER)

Cleaning the Epiglottis

After this you can also clean the epiglottis–which is a flap of cartilage behind the root of the tongue, which is depressed during swallowing to cover the opening of the windpipe. You can call this the SMALL TONGUE. Can you see the small tongue behind the tongue. THIS NEED NOT BE DONE DAILY BUT MONTHLY.



You need to clean the epiglottis on its TOP portion with your index and middle fingers. It needs to be cleansed as food particles may stick to it while swallowing. Cleansing the small tongue can also induce vomiting and throat mucous or phlegm may come out. If a persons kapha is in balance i suggest that you hold the kapha coming out while cleansing in your left palm and swallow it after cleansing is over.

Tongue cleansing should be done daily and it will help you will maintain a healthy tongue.


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