The Dangers of Artificial Light

If there is any UNGRATEFUL CREATURE in this whole world that would be we HUMANS. Ever unsatisfied with the things he has he pokes his prick everywhere and brings it under his cruel control. Because of his greed he is threatening the existence of his fellow creatures as well as the very earth that is supporting him. Now the bastard man is planning to POKE HIS PRICK in other planets to PURSUE HIS ROTTEN GREED. And he thinks he is smart.

In the natural world it is the LIGHT OF THE SUN that regulated life and it was not available at night. So the need to have a different source of light was felt. Initially fire was a natural happening, then man artificially built the first fire and since then there was no turning back. And among the things which man made believing that it will enhance his life is ARTIFICIAL LIGHT.

cave man lighting fire

Now if you look at the many sources of light, one that is soothing is the light of natural fire. The fire which was then made by burning wood transformed into fire by oil. This too had a natural quality to it and one could stare at it for hours without any harm.

lady with a lamp

Now in the Vishu Kani its dramatism lies in th effect that natural light produces when we see it before seeing anything else at early morning when it is dark. It looks divine isn’t it. The words like Deva, Devi, Divya, Deepam all derived from light which means SHINING ONES.

vishu kani

In traditional houses in bharat an oil lamp would be kept burning through out the day. Now with the coming of electric light man is controlling time. BPOs is a classic example of this and the damage it does to the body. The white light that is emitted from tubelights and bulbs suppresses certain chemicals which induces sleep and one cannot sleep properly. Now we have LED white lights and the light emitted by computer monitors which is even worse. The safest among electric lights is the incandescent bulbs which produces a golden yellow light when the filament inside it gets heated.

electric bulb

Lamps are best lit using ghee and sesame oils. But i think it is best to eat it rather than burning it. As for me i like darkness; it is in the womb of darkness that light appears and disappears.

yaa nishaa sarvabhootaanaam tasyaam jaagarti samyami |
yasyaam jaagrati bhootaani saa nishaa pashyato muneh || 69 ||

That which is night for all beings, the balanced individual is awake in that. And that in which all beings are awake, the person of contemplation views as night.

—-Bhagavad Gita Ch. 2/ 69


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