Right way to Sit

Chair is one of the worst inventions ever made by man. And since man takes pride in his stupidity we find all kinds of modifications done on chairs, thinking they are smart. If men think they are smart then the one who made them should be smarter. Then i don’t know why we are following the stupid man like the blind following another blind man.

The chair was invented for sitting but do the inventor fools know the need to sit. Sitting is to relax or rest the body during day time and lying down on your sides for resting at night. Prior to the invention of the chair man used to squat to rest, also for drinking as well as eating.


Old man squatting whilst drinking tea at Chisapani Village, on the Royal Trek, near Pokhara, Nepal

SQUATTING IS THE BASIC POSE FOR RELAXING. Squatting strengthens your legs which most sitting poses do no do. This is the posture for defecating. In this position if you sit on your toes, it becomes a asana for urination. A variation of this posture is also a meditating posture. This asana is made famous by Ayyappan also called Sastavu, Manikandan or Sasta whose famous shrine is Sabarimala. But how many fools know this who throng and dirty that sacred place.

shastha, ayappan, manikandan

This is posture of alertness, a witnessing position where one is meditative but doesn’t loose body awareness. The belt around his legs signifies alertness and observation. The posture is also a posture of readiness from which one can come of meditation easily.

tiger waiting to attack

Here a tiger is crouched and is waiting for the right moment to attack. This posture for the tiger is a posture of readiness and Ayyappa’s posture is the human equivalent of it but used for a different purpose.


Sitting is different from squatting where the weight of the body is distributed on the buttocks as well as legs. This is a completely relaxed posture. In this posture the back, neck and head is straight. It is ONLY this posture which gives MAXIMUM COMFORT TO BODY ORGANS which are suspended and held together by flesh, muscles and bones. This is the RESTING POSITION and is WAY BETTER THAN THE SLEEPING POSITION. Whereas while sitting on a chair people tend to relax their back by bending the waist which is not good for your organs as they are bent.


This posture makes your hips flexible which is needed to allow free flow of energy from the base of your spine. As you get older your hips get rigid, as a result the energy flow is blocked and death happens. But the yogi cares a shit about death and works to keep his hips flexible.

While eating the right leg should cross the left and for meditating or other purposes the left should cross the right. In the picture above left leg is crossing the right and is meditative/ left part of the body. For eating, apart from this asana one can rest his right leg over the left leg.

sitting posture for eating
sitting posture for eating

In the above picture the left leg is resting on the ground and the right leg is resting over the left. THIS IS THE BEST POSTURE FOR EATING AND NO OTHER. Eating while sitting on a chair or standing is worst and is good for fools. And even worse fools eat while walking.

people standing and eating

family eating on a dining table

This is the correct way of eating. See pic below:

children eating food sitting on floor


I say the your hips are completely flexible if you are able to do forward and side ward leg splits.

Jean Claude Van Damme Doing an Epic Split for Volvo
man doing forward leg split


2 basic exercises for opening your hips is Titliasana or the butterfly pose and shishupalasana or rocking the baby pose. There are of course man others and you can search in youtube and learn.

In cold places one can sit on a blanket rather than a chair.


This is only for couples. The right part of the human body is masculine/ positive/ active and the left half is feminine/ negative/ passive. So when a couple sits in public energy wise it is best for the wife to sit on the left side of her husband.

Whereas, in their private moments, the wife can sit on her husband’s left thighs. The man’s right thigh is for children.

a nepali shiva parvati statue

shiv parvati marriage

shiva with his son karthikeya

SO, avoid using the chair as much as possible and sit cross legged. Use a folded blanket or a thick cloth as a mat  to sit on.


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