Types of Food – 4

This post lists the whole range of food one can eat according to ayurveda. First, let us see how food is classified:

  1. Three Gunas : Sattwa, Rajas, Tamas
  2. Three Doshas : Vata, Pitta, Kapha
  3. Five Elements : Akasa/ether, Vayu/ Air, Fire, Water, Earth
  4. Six Tastes :

Sweet        water + earth
Sour          water + fire
Salty          earth + fire
Pungent     fire + air
Bitter          air + ether
Astringent  air + earth


(1) Fruits

(2) Vegetables

(3) Nuts

(4) Grains with husk

(5) Greens

(6) Meats and animal products like eggs (not recommended)

(7) Fermented Drink

(8) Water

(9) Milk and milk products

(10) Sugarcane products

(11) Pulses

COOKED FOOD AND SPICES form a separate category. In Nature only Man cooks his food. Spices is not food as it a taste and digestion enhancer.


Now there a lot of debate about whether to eat raw food or cooked food. Lets put an end to the FUCKING DEBATE.

There can only be two perspectives on cooked food and no more. First is the Natural or Yogic perspective and Second, Ayurvedic or from a ill persons perspective.

From the Natural or yogic perspective cooked food is unnatural. In the natural no creature cooks food and they are STRONG AS A STONE. Forest dwelling Yogis typically Kanda Mool Phala (veggies growing under and above ground, fruits  and nuts). Society dwelling or Grihasta Yogis include cooked food as well. This type of raw food is ideal for HEALTHY PEOPLE. In this form of eating raw food, it is cooked in the stomach and required effort which of course the Rishis have. You might also have heard of people asking Rishis to father children. This shows their strength. No real yogi worth his salt unless living in family situation will ever eat cooked food.

tat wale baba a yogi

But Ayurveda is from the perspective of patients or sick people. Since sick people lack the capability to digest food they are advised COOKED FOOD which is COOKING THE FOOD OUTSIDE THE STOMACH. This food is easily digested with the necessary nutrients.

a man undergoing ayurvedic panchkarma tretament

Now, what is the middle position. You should include raw food in your diet. Eat at least one meal consisting only of fruits or vegetables. When using raw vegetables it is good squeeze half a lemon juice in it to enhance digestion.

IMPORTANT: NOW WHATEVER FOOD WHICH IS COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE IS NOT PURE AND IS POISONOUS. My suggestion is that people having sufficient land should cultivate whatever they need and also keep desi humped cows, goats and so on. In cities groups of people can purchase a land for common cultivation.


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