What you need to know about SEX – 1

Sex is considered as one of the pillars of life along with food, sleep and survival according to Ayurveda. All material problems of man can be traced to these four pillars of life. But since we are human beings are conscious creatures Rishis developed what is called the Purusharthas so that the four basic instincts are regulated so that man/woman attains his/her highest potential in life. It is because of this that in Bharat there was little or no whoring, whoremongering and fucking around.

As with everything ordinary people think they know all about sex. BUT NO! NOW KEEP YOUR EARS WIDE OPEN AND LISTEN.

4 Upa-Stambha/ Dharana of Life (food, sex, sleep, survival)

3 Stambhas of the body (vata, pitta, kapha)

4 Ashramas/ stages of life (brahmacharya, grihasta, vanaprastha, sanyasa)

Varnashrama dharma (brahman, kshatriya, vaishya, shudra)

4 Purusharthas/ goals of Life (Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha)

If boy or girl attains puberty at the age of 18 years it shows that both of them are sexually mature. If you multiple the age say 18 with 6 = 108. So six times the the age of your maturity is your LIFESPAN. This has now reduced due to eating HORMONE INJECTED BROILER CHICKEN, MEAT AND OTHER STUFFS. What this means is children are becoming sexually mature very early, hence the rise of child sex and PEDOPHILIA. This is due the hormone injected food that the parents ate and what is given to children. Other reason is eating certain foods.

Now, we have the 4 ASHRAMA YAVASTHAS or STAGES OF LIFE. The word ashrama is composed of two words: ashram means halting or resting place and shram or shramam means effort. It means when and what to do. The first stage is brahmacharya (from 12 to 25 years of age). Two things are to be observed here: celibacy and studying from a gurukula. Why this is so is, it is from birth to 25 years that the body is built and sexual fluid which is the cement of the body is needed exclusively for this purpose. If one engages in sex in this period it DAMAGES  the BODY  PERMANENTLY. See the precision of the Rishis who went to such details to ensure that humans the best use of their life to attain their highest potential.

Have you heard about Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. He is considered to be “the single-most advocate of Hinduism outside India,” born in California, USA he found truth in Sanathana Dharma. His books especially the three volume MASTER COURSE TRILOGY is considered as the encyclopedia of the essence of Shaivism/ Sanatana Dharma. In the pic below can you see the kamandalu on his right, and the deer skin he’s seated on. These are some of the accessories of the Yogi. They carried kamandalus not aquafina or bisleris.

satguru sivaya subramuniyaswami

His Master Course Trilogy

satguru sivaya subramuniyaswami master course trilogy

This is the reason he gave as to why virginity should be maintained:

“When a virgin man and woman marry and share physical intimacy with each other, their union is very strong and their marriage stable. This is because their psychic nerve currents, or nadis, grow together and they form a one body and a one mind. Conversely, if the man or woman has had intercourse before the marriage, the emotional-psychic closeness of the marriage will suffer, and this in proportion to the extent of promiscuity. For a marriage to succeed, sexual intercourse must be preserved for husband and wife. Each should grow to understand the other’s needs and take care to neither deny intercourse to the married partner nor make excessive demands. A healthy, unrepressed attitude should be kept regarding sexual matters. Boys and girls must be taught to value and protect their chastity as a sacred treasure, and to save the special gift of intimacy for their spouse. They should be taught the importance of loyalty in marriage and to avoid even the thought of adultery.”

The Vedas say, “Sweet be the glances we exchange, our faces showing true concord. Enshrine me in your heart and let one spirit dwell with us.”

This is what the west called paganism while they were whoring and whoremongering around bushes.

Traditionally marriages in Bharat are arranged after considerable horoscope matching and so on–in which the couples compatibility is checked according to 10 factors including GENITAL COMPATIBILITY. This is the genius of the Rishis. This is to ensure that the couple stay together until the end. There is beauty in right unlike the MODERN FUCK AND THROW CULTURE.

Bharat a couple remains celibate until marriage and knows the pleasures of sex only after marriage. This helped bring stability into their lives and remained together until death. It is called EKA PATI/ PATNI VRATA (one man/ woman principle). See, no matter how many holes you fuck and how many pricks you take in, in this planet and beyond you will still be dissatisfied. Have the whores and whoremongers  of the west noticed this. How can they, when their BRAINS ARE SCREWED! This is because the nature of desire. You keep wanting for more.

The INSTITUTION of MARRIAGE was introduced bharat by Swetaketu after seeing his mother taken away by force by another man. Marriage in Bharat is not a mere response to the sex instinct in man but as a means to achieve personal, social and spiritual ends. Thereby their is harmony in society, women are protected and healthy species is produced. Do you think your children like you fucking around. But western funded deepika padukone says that sex outside marriage is MY CHOICE in the name of women’s empowerment and what it actually does is debasing women by making a fashion of live-in relationships.

‘Where women are worshipped, there the gods are delighted; but where they are not worshipped, all religious ceremonies become futile’—Manu Smriti

During the Vedic Wedding ceremony known as Saptapadi the bride and the groom hold hands and take seven steps together as husband and wife as they walk around Agni, the God of fire, (the kindled fire symbolic of their new hearth) and pledge to each other their eternal friendship. What they say after they have taken those seven steps is unquestionably the foundation for a successful marriage. Together they chant:

“Let us walk together, hand in hand, the seven steps, symbolic of these aspirations:

1) May we take the first step together for nourishment.

2) May we take the second step together for vigor

3) May we take the third step together for thriving wealth

4) May we take the fourth step together for comfort

5) May we take the fifth step together for children

6) May we take the sixth step together for the many seasons

7) May we take the seventh step together for everlasting friendship.

In Sanatana Dharma the wife plays a fourfold role: she is ARDHANGHINI (the other half of her husband, metaphorically speaking); SAHADHARMINI (partner in the fulfilment of dharma and righteous pursuits); SAHAKARMINI (partner in all acts and actions), and SAHAYOGINI (partner in all ventures). Above all she is called DHARMAPATNI (rightfully wedded wife) This shows the respect given to women.

The wife then become a mother and this is what Vivekananda said about mothers: “The position of the mother is the highest in the world, as it is the one place in which to learn and exercise the greatest unselfishness. The love of God is the only love that is higher than a mother’s love; all others are lower.”

Have anybody heard about Shankaracharya’s poem on mothers?

MATHRU PANCHAKAM/ five stanzas on the mother

aasthaam tavaddeyam prasoothi samaye durvara soola vyadha,
nairuchyam thanu soshanam malamayee sayya cha samvatsaree,
ekasyapi na garbha bara bharana klesasya yasya kshmo dhathum,
nishkruthi  munnathopi thanaya tasya janyai nama.

Oh mother mine,
With clenched teeth bore thou the excruciating pain,
When I was born to you,
Shared thou the bed made dirty by me for an year,
And thine body became thin and painful,
During those nine months that you bore me,
For all these in return,
Oh mother dearest,
I can never compensate,
Even by my becoming great.

gurukulamupasruthya swapnakaale thu drushtwa,
yathi samuchitha vesham praarudho maam twamuchai
gurukulamadha  sarva prarudathe samaksham
sapadhi charanayosthe mathurasthu pranaama.

Clad in a dress of a sanyasin,
You saw me in my teacher’s school,
In your dream and wept,
And rushed thither,
Smothered, embraced and fondled me, Oh mother mine,
And all the teachers and students wept with you dear,
What could I do,
Except falling at your feet,
And offering my salutations.

ambethi thathethi shivethi tasmin,
prasoothikale yadavocha uchai,
krishnethi govinda hare mukunde tyaho,
janye rachito ayamanjali.

Oh mother mine,
Crying thou shouted in pain,
During thine hard labour,
“Oh mother, Oh father,
Oh God Shiva,
Oh Lord Krishna,
Oh Lord of all, Govinda,
Oh Hari and Oh God Mukunda,”
But in return,
Oh my mother dearest.
I can give you but humble prostrations.

na dattam mathasthe marana samaye thoyamapi vaa,
swadhaa vaa no dheyaa maranadivase sraadha vidhina
na japtho mathasthe marana samaye tharaka manu,
akale samprapthe mayi kuru dhayaam matharathulaam.

Neither did I give you water at thine time of death,
Neither did I offer oblations to thee to help thine journey of death,
And neither did I chant the name of Rama in thine ear,
Oh Mother supreme, pardon me for these lapses with compassion,
For I have arrived here late to attend to those.

mukthaa manisthvam, nayanam mamethi,
rajethi jeevethi chiram sthutha thwam,
ithyuktha vathya vaachi mathaa,
dadamyaham thandulamesh shulkam.

Long live,
Oh, pearl mine,
Oh jewel mine,
Oh my dearest eyes,
Oh mine prince dearest,
And oh my soul of soul,
Sang thou to me,
But in return of that all,
Oh my mother dearest.
I give you but dry rice in your mouth.

Now coming back to SEX.

Pure Consciousness/ Brahman/ Shunya is all that exists. According to it dharma, it wanted to know its potential. So, desire came. This concentrated desire split itself into two which is called Prakriti / Purusha in Sankya philosophy and Shiva/ Shakti in Tantra. Shakti or the Feminine energy is passive. The woman accepts the penis in her vagina–so she is the RECEIVER. And who is Shiva or Purusha or masculine principle. It is the male who INSERTS his penis–so man is the GIVER. The feminine is originally INERT and she needs to be pulled into action or handled. Then the dance of creation happens.

In the vedas it is said “yatha Bramhande thatha pindanda.” It means the microcosm is the same as the macrocosm. In other words what is outside is inside you. Like the Feminine principle, while in the sex act woman needs to be handled and manipulated. A sexually aroused woman does not care for your polished manners or niceties. She needs to be fucked hard. If you fail to satisfy her sexually she will probably seek good sex outside marriage. But this is not the case in Bharat where marriage is based on commitment and not sex. But still sex satisfaction is important otherwise you will have no value because man is the embodiment of strength, and if that strength is not shown in sex he is not a man.

But do you know how to do sex and satisfy your wife? Continued…

Ihaiva stam mā vi yaushtam visvamāyur vyasnutam !
Krilantau putrair naptrubhir modamānau sve grhe !!

—- Rig Veda X-85-42

Be ye not parted; dwell ye here reach the full time of human life.
With sons and grandsons sport and play, rejoicing in your own abode.

May you have the blessings of Shiva and Parvati

 shiva and parvati on a bull


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