Tissue Wastes – Part 2

I see that almost no body has my previous post on body wastes. And it is THE important post in my whole blog.


As long as one lives, one has to BREATHE, DRINK, EAT and SHIT. If you do these things correctly you will live a HEALTHY LIFE. If you don’t do these correctly you are moving CLOSER TO DEATH. So, read the above post first (link given above).

People think they know how to eat, but do they really know how to EAT CORRECTLY or TO ALLOW THE FOOD TO GET DIGESTED. I don’t think so! If people live according to the rules of AYURVEDA they should be able to LIVE LIKE GODS, but now life expectancy has come to 50 – 60 years and it shows that people LIVE LIKE FOOLS.

After eating food it is either digested (anna/ ahara rasa) or it putrefies in your body (AMA/ toxins formed)–GAS is formed as a result. Putrefaction/ decomposition of waste causes the production of BIO-GAS. Does it ring any bell? It means if your food is digested correctly NO GAS will be produced and no BLOATING FEELING.

Correctly digested food goes into the process of turning it into the seven tissues or saptha dhatus in a sequential order. ‘Sharira Dharanath Datvah’ means ‘ that which nourish and support the body is called a DHATU’. And the whole process of turning ahara into shukra dhatu and finally ojas takes around 40 DAYS.  So, this is serious business! And not to be tampered with.

1 Rasa Dhatu: Fluid, plasme that is digested and then nourishes cells

2 Rakta Dhatu: Blood cells that are the foundation of life

3 Masma Dhatu: Muscle tissue or flesh that provides strength

4 Medas Dhatu: Fat that lubricates the body

5 Ashti Dhatu: Bones and cartilage that provide support

6 Majja Dhatu: Marrow that supports Ashti Dhatu

7 Shukra Dhatu: Tissue that helps reproduction, including semen, gives physical strength etc.

Ojas which is ultimately produced is called the eighth dhatu or MAHA DHATU. It is the essence of what you are. It separates a man from an animal, and a YOGI  from the SCUMS . One can easily notice ojas in a pregnant woman by looking at her glowing face. For this one must observe CELIBACY and eat good food or you should know HOW TO DO SEX. If you know neither of these you are a GONE CASE. Hence people die fast.

pregnant woman in white dress

Here the yogi Dattatreya is surrounded by animal who are attracted by his aura, this is due to ojas. Anybody who meditates has set up an INDUSTRY OF OJAS.

dattatreya surrounded by animals

If you have good amount of shukra or semen which is the cement that holds the body and is present in every cell, you are a strong person otherwise you will catch diseases fast. Below, a good example of a healthy body. Do you see the half moons? Half moons should also be present on your TOE NAILS as well.

healthy finger nails with half moons

Picture courtesy of https://thisgreenearth.wordpress.com/2011/04/26/low-energy-look-at-your-fingernail-moons/

Symptoms of reduced ojas are fear, worry, weakness, loss of complexion, emaciation, roughness, cheerlessness, pain in the sense organs, decreased immunity etc. It is caused by anger, worry, fear, grief, by prolonged wasting diseases, by prolonged fasting, extreme exertion, excessive sex, excessive  elimination of bodily fluids–blood, mucus, semen; excessive exposure to sun and wind, excessively staying awake, diet of cold, dry and rough quality, by old age and seasonally dry periods. Also, drugs/substances such as alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, etc., are also detrimental to ojas. 

That is why KRISHNA says “YOGA is not for the one who eats too much or one who does not eat at all; one who sleeps too much or one who sleeps very little.”


1 Rasa – kapha (mucus/phlegm)

2 Rakta/blood – bile

3 Mamsa/ flesh – secretions of eyes, ears, nose, Mouth (tongue) hair follicles and genitals, navel

4 Medas/ fat – sweat

5 asti/ bone – hair (head), beard, body hair, nails, nail follicles

6 majja/ marrow – tears, oiliness in skin and feces

7 shukra/ semen –  no waste produced

8 Ojas – no waste produced

Disease is caused by imbalance of vata, pitta and kapha starts manifesting in tissues. When your DIGESTION is  improper vata gets disturbed as a result constipation. As a result of it your digestive fire  or the power to digest is lowered, therefore kapha increases. The ama produced as a result of indigestion is first transported by your blood and deposits in skin tissues, later it is taken to your deep tissues and organs. Therefore you become a diseased person. You might think that by popping a pill may do the job. The disease which shows up after this long process, how can you expect to be cured soon? THINK ABOUT IT!

Western people with damaged organs are BUYING ORGANS. Fools! They dont know how to take care of the body they are give with and is now on a shopping spree buying organs through violent ways from other countries. WHO says that AN ORGAN IS SOLD EVERY HOUR. I pray from the bottom of my heart that people engaged in such business ROT IN THE SEVENTH HELL.

One is born and dies through SEMEN. Knowing this, the Yogi must always preserve his semen. When the precious jewel of semen is mastered, anything on earth can be mastered. Through the grace of its preservation, one becomes as great as me, says LORD SHIVA.


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