How you dress: General Clothing Part-3

See, clothes were designed in Bharat taking into consideration several factors by our Rishis. One such factor is the weather. Since Bharat is a tropical country where sun shines all the time except during the monsoons, keeping the body cool became a priority. Hence our Rishis advocated single sheet of uncut and unstitched or unsewn clothes. Unstitched clothes is neither too tight nor too loose, and it allows for the easy flow of blood as well as cooling the body with air. The materials used were cotton and silk and not the synthetic ones which is being freely used now. How people wore this differed from region to region in Bharat.

krishna syamasundara
krishna syamasundara with a dhoti
 marthanda varma
marthanda varma with a mundu
 ravi varma painting
ravi varma painting – ‘looking into the mirror’
Aavaana telugu actress in a set saree
Aavaana telugu actress in a kerala set saree
 kaniha in a set mundu
Kaniha is shown wearing variation of the mundum neriyathum

Since clothes can enhance the aura of a person weavers wove gold thread on the fabric which is known as kasavu in malayalam (see the paintings above). Hence in kerala we have the kasavu or gold brocaded mundum neriyathum and saree. Neriyathu is the shorter cloth worn on the upper part of the body.

Now, after metals comes medicines. Yes! Haven’t you heard of medicine mixed garments. Weavers in Thiruvananthapuram, kerala mix herbs and spices so that the medicine enters the body through the skin and healing happens.

Such was how meticulously clothes in Bharat were designed. Now due to the muslim influence we started sewing/stitching clothes. Our dressing styles degraded to such an extent that after the coming of britishers we started wearing neck ties, which we call kanth langot. Wearing socks and shoes is said to cause eye diseases and affects our consciousness. Thats why our rishis wore wooden sandals or padukas. It also had designs on it to have an acupressure effect. Thats the genius of our Rishis.

wooden sandal paduka
wooden sandal or paduka

Have you heard this song:  Merā jūtā hai Jāpānī, ye patlūn Inglistānī, Sar pe lāl ṭopī Rūsī, phir bhī dil hai Hindustānī (My shoes are Japanese, these trousers are English; The red cap on my head is Russian, but still my heart is Indian. If everything that he is wearing is foreignthen what good is is it in having an Indian heart. It is like being without roots. In todays circumstances one can add ‘ mein bolta hoon hinglish (I speak hinglish) – where one doesnt speak ones pure language whether it is hindi or malayalam. Everything is adulterated. Now if we don’t stop it we will lose our identity and much more.

DO YOU KNOW THAT LANGUAGE AFFECTS DIGESTION? How so? Just say a name of some food item you like and see if your mouth is watering. It means that your stomach is preparing to digest that food, that too even before eating it. Now say the same word in a different language, no watering happens. It means the body’s DIGESTIVE RESPONSE is RUINED. It means you are damaging yourself and your generations to come. SO FIRST TEACH YOUR CHILDREN YOUR MOTHER TONGUE and NOT ENGLISH or any other BLOODY FOREIGN LANGUAGE.

indian family photo where men wear suits and women sarees
men wearing suits and women, sarees

I think we are caught in between the past and the future.

paresh rawal dialogue in hera pheri
paresh rawal speaking hinglish


Traditionally people of bharat wore white clothes. This the best colour. But if you like to wear coloured clothes then it best to wear them according to the colours of the days.

The colors relate to certain days of the week and astrological planets. A person should wear clothes of appropriate color for each day of the week, in order to absorb the planetary energy in the light in a positive way. For instance, to calm down the mind, which in Vedic astrology relates to the Moon, the person should dress in white clothes on Monday, which is the day of the Moon. Tuesday relates to Mars, so red or orange is the best color on that day. Wednesday is Mercury and green color while Thursday people can dress in yellow and get the blessings of Jupiter. Friday relates to Venus so it is good to wear purple and bright colors. Saturday is the day of Saturn, and best for blue, black, and dark colors. Sunday is a dark red color for the Sun.  – Vasant Lad

For more on the spiritual aspects of wearing clothes read:



Mundu is the classic case of a dress modified for practical purposes and thats the genius of malayalees or keralites. Here’s a song praising the mundu.

The Song of the Lungi

When in white, you are my formal wear.
When in design, you are a festival!
What good are those trousers?!

If I wrap you around my head,
you become a turban.
You are a blanket if I am cold.
And a sail when the wind is good.

After I play in the sea,
you become my towel.
A flag when I wave
A trap to catch the mango!

Ready for Cricket when I fold you in half,
Ready for hanging when I twist you as a rope
ready as bed when I’m struck at fairs

You become a shawl when I need modesty
and a carrying bag during a loot.

The trousers are no good!

Inspired by the “Trousers are no Good!”  folksong, which in turn is inspired by the classic “Neenarigadeyo Ele Manava” (the humans are no good).

a man wearing a mundu
a man wearing a mundu

Now one may ask is there anybody who is dressing according to our original rules. Yes, there still is! Here is a picture of Swami Nirmalananda Giri who still goes by the traditional ways. Remember what i said before WHAT IS TRUE STAYS and WHAT IS FALSE FADES.

swami nirmalananda giri
swami nirmalananda giri



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