How you Dress: Men’s Undergarments -1

I find no other creature dressing up other than humans. Did our creator made us so weak that we have cover ourself up? I guess not. We were born naked and naked will we die. Since we have created this crap called civilization–i mean the social aspect and not the individual one, we have to live by it but not necessarily so (exception). I say that all the good in this world have come from realized individuals and never from social scums who know nothing other than to fight and fuck.

Since we dress up for about half the day, at least one should sleep naked. Now science is recognizing the importance of sleeping naked.


Since this is the first layer of our clothing. It is fitting that i speak on it first.

Men should at least sleep naked for its benefits. Have you noticed that your balls are kept away from your body. It is encourage production of sperm cells which need a cold environment. Thats why it is best to avoid wearing a kaupina even during the day. While it is best to wear it during exercise, running and asanas for ordinary people. Have your ever seen any creature wearing a kaupina. By not wearing the kaupina it strengthens the muscles that holds the organ like the breasts which doesn’t need any support. Thats why i like naga sadhus who want nothing between them and mother nature. This is what a female mystic called Lalleshwari of Kashmir said:

The soul.

Like the moon, is now, and always new again.

My teacher told me one thing, live in the soul.

When that was so, I began to go naked,

And dance.

Statue of Bahubali at Gommatagiri
Statue of Bahubali at Gommatagiri

This stance of nakedness,

An effort to strip the soul.

Armed with nakedness and a bowl,

The glorious one made it to the goal.

– Sadhguru

Akka Mahadevi
A female yogini–Akka Mahadevi
naga sadhu lifting weights with his prick
naga sadhu lifting weights with his prick

And this…

naga babas pulling a car with a rope attached to his penis
naga baba pulling a car with a rope attached to his penis

Can any perverted pornstars do this with his prick? These fuckers know nothing but to rub their dicks in any hole they can find. But worse is the case of the people who makes money of this degenerate business.

When britishers came to India and went to prostitutes to slake their lust, the women were surprised to find that the men finished the act so soon that they compared them to sparrows.

man quickly ejaculated
man quickly ejaculated

Who knows when this may happen?

robot making love with a woman
robot making love with a woman


Lord muruga wearing kaupina
Lord muruga wearing kaupina
 yogi with a kaupina, langot
yogi with a kaupina

For men the traditional underwear is called kaupina or konakam or langot. It consists of two pieces of cotton cloth. There was a time in Bharat and not in the colonially propped up India when Gods, Kings and commoners wore kaupina. Now under colonial influence we have started imitating the stupid west. Underwear or underpants as they call it is the most worthless piece of clothing which serves no purpose. And now synthetic undergarments have come which is not good for both men and women.

Traditionally only the renunciates or brahmacharis used to wear it to avoid being sexually aroused (this is for upstarts not for veteran brahmacharis). Now every sexual thought has its origin in the mind whose physical centre is the brain, when this happens ones prick gets hard. It is exactly to prevent this hardening the renunciates wear kaupins. So that desire is nipped in the bud. I  feel that for boys from puberty it should be worn till the time they marry so that they remain celibates until then. A celibate couple will have more commitment to each other than a sexually free couple which is now promoted by all kinds of media. And even after marriage they maintain what is called Eka Patni Vrat/ Devoted to a single wife by men and Eka Pati Vrat/ Devoted to a single husband by women. Nowadays freedom is equated with licentiousness, but you know that ‘WHAT IS TRUE STAYS AND WHAT IS FALSE FADES.’ See this:

sex education
sex education

Do you know that shankaracharya has written a poem on loincloth. It is called:

Kaupina Panchakam/ Five Stanzas on the wearer of loin-cloth

Roaming ever in the grove of Vedanta,

Ever pleased with his beggar’s morsel,

Wandering onward, his heart free from sorrow,

Blest indeed is the wearer of the loin-cloth . (1)

Sitting at the foot of a tree for shelter,

Eating from his hands his meagre portion,

Spurning wealth like a patched-up garment,

Blest indeed is the wearer of the loin-cloth . (2)

Satisfied fully by the Bliss within him,

Curbing wholly the cravings of his senses,

Delighting day and night in the bliss of Brahman,

Blest indeed is the wearer of the loin-cloth . (3)

Witnessing the changes of mind and body,

Naught but the Self within him beholding,

Heedless of outer, of inner, of middle,

Blest indeed is the wearer of the loin-cloth . (4)

Chanting Brahman, the word of redemption,

Meditating only on `I am Brahman’,

Living on alms and wandering freely,

Blest indeed is the wearer of the loin-cloth . (5)

How to make a kaupina

Take a cotton dhoti and cut two long rectangular pieces of it. Its width may vary according the physique of the person ( 3 inches and above) and its length from your toes to a little above the hips (this could vary).

How to tie it

Now take the smaller piece and tie it around your waist above your hips. Its knot must be moved to your right side for men. If you are interested, there is a particular way to tie the knot, leaving one loop. This tying method should make three ends (a loop and the two ends of the cloth), which make it easy to take on and off. Or you can just knot it twice.

Then take the longer piece and insert it through the waist string until both the ends come together. No as to how the genitals should be placed: for those whose genitals are facing up let it be so, and those whose genitals are facing downwards, let it be so. Now catch the ends of the cloth and bring it to the back over your genitals and under your legs and insert it into the waist string couple of times until the end is gone (3 tucks are enough).

Check out how a kaupina is worn in its original style here:

The other type of kaupina which is available in the market is this and this video shows how to wear it.

For more information:

Washing it

Kaupina must be washed daily.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT wear this and go to sleep.


9 thoughts on “How you Dress: Men’s Undergarments -1

  1. V.Gangadharan

    The details given here in the text is very good and if read all catefully, all confused people of new generation convince themselves about wearing kaupina and benefits.


  2. Murali krishnan

    I’m qualified person and regular wearer of komanam.I’get lot of peace of mind and spiritual power after wearing komanam.Kindly forward me related articles to my mentioned mail id below.I’m strong believer of komanam.


      1. 1. langot is an artificial device made my man. it is not made by nature. So what it does is it reduces blood flow to penis. So by removing langot at night blood is allowed to flow to penis.

        2. when you wear langot your scrotum sac is pushed to your body. since sperm cells are developed inside the scrotum and it requires cold temperature to happen, it is best to remove langot at least during night from evening 6 pm to morning 6 am. so that sperm cells are allowed to develop due to cold temperature as a result of the removal. when you wear langot during the day the scrotum is pushed to the body so its temperature can go up. tempreature can rise also due to the covering by langot.

        3. night is the time when the body breathes from skin pores (apart from your lungs) and for this langot has to be removed.

        langot is only required for people who are sexually inclined. if ones sexuality is under control it is not needed. Personally, i never wear underwear or langot for the reasons stated above. Nature has never intended langot for man it is a human creation. I prefer to go by natures intelligence.


  3. Lala boy

    Hello. I am a student and while sitting for studying without even thinking of sexual matters I get erections and feel distracted from my goal because of this habit. Can wearing a Komanam help my senses to calm down & not get aroused sexually?


    1. yes. it will help. if you get an erection without any sexual thought, it is natural. there is no need to worry about it. It usually happens early morning during sleep. Meanwhile, if your erection happens by having sexual thought, it too is natural but it will do you no good. So, dont let you lose focus from studies.


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