Drinking Liquids

I don’t know of any other creature on this planet who doesn’t know what to drink, when to drink,  how to drink. Bharat’s and not India’s consciously created culture as well as the live of people all over is being destroyed by people who want to patent every shit that can fetch money. In this process they are destroying the planet, the very piece of life which is sustaining them; and the creatures living here. Have you heard the story of someone cutting the very branch on which he was sitting. Well…this is what they are doing.

We are busy making machines to make our life easier, but does it really help. We want every thing at the touch of a button or even without it by voice commands. By doing so we are becoming weaker by the minute. Have you heard about Albert Camus, he said that a time will come when If someone falls in love with somebody, he will appoint a servant to go and make love on his behalf. This i think is where we are heading if we don’t change our habits.

What to drink

Water at room temperature, fruit and vegetable juices, tender coconut water, sugarcane juice, liquid soups without veggies, boiled rice water, milk of humped indian cows, goats and others, fermented liquids should not be consumed regularly.


What not to drink

All types of bottled water, juices, and sports drinks, cold and chilled water, tea coffee with crystal sugar, jersey cows milk, powdered drinks, milk made with milk powder, soda, carbonated drinks, alcohol etc. Anything that is unnatural which you can think of.

Anything made by selfish men to make money. See, all the people you know: your politicians, your sports persons, your movie stars have cheated you by misleading us to drink poison. These people are PARASITES who destroy the very people of the country in which they live and supported them. Their RELIGION IS MONEY MAKING and their GOD, MONEY. Nothing more, nothing less.

uncle scrooje playing with money

aamir khan coke ad

shah rukh pepsi ad

shahrukh khan frooti mango juice ad

REMEMBER NOT TO BUY ANY THINGS THEY ENDORSE. These are ARTIFICIAL POISONS. Once you damage your body with these things you wont be able to cure it. Have you seen A SINGLE FILM STAR endorsing like this: come lets drink SUGAR CANE JUICE.

 a sugar cane juice seller

a tender coconut juice seller

By endorsing these they wont get CRORES of MONEY. SO THEY WONT. But know this: these are the things which MAKE YOUR LIFE and not BREAK IT. So CHOOSE WISELY.

Wait! Whats this here:

novak djokovic eating a banana


Do you think these tennis champions are poor enough to eat a banana or is it that a banana is better than than the health and sports others idiots promote. See this:

sachin tendulkar boost is the secret of my energy ad

I really dont think it is his secret nor should it be anyone else’s.

Remember what Morpheus says in the movie THE MATRIX that THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE; ITS FANTASY. I think this dialogue is correct in thins context. MEDIA DECEPTION. see below:

morpheus in tmovie he matrix

IMPORTANT: Hot water and food should not be used in melamin and plastic cups, plates, lunchboxes, water bottles, and the artificial banana leaf in kerala for serving lunch. Hot food stuffs cause these materials to mix with it and causes cancer if injested.

When to drink

When one is thirsty. When your throat feels dry and you long for water. Before meals it is best to have water one to one and a half hours before it, and after meals drink water after it is completely digested. That means after two and a half hours to three hours after meals. Nowadays we can see people drinking water either in between eating and after having a meal: know this that they are SLOWLY DRINKING THEIR WAY TO DEATH.

How to drink

We are sitting in the lap of consciousness, it means that all the elements have consciousness. So we should treat every every element as sacred. It is best to drink water sitting cross legged, you can also stand and drink if necessary but don’t drink while walking and in between talks. If you chant mantras mentally or by keeping a thanking mentality it further energizes the water or drink you are going to have. Now image if there was no civilization how will we drink water–by squatting by the side of the river isn’t it. I think squatting and drinking induces peristalsis.

man drinking water by squatting
man drinking water by squatting

There is something called molecular structure and crystal structure in any element. In water its molecular structure is rigid but its crystal structure changes. This happens due to the environment around water, the intention of the drinker, the intentions of people around, labels on bottles and so on. The picture below shows how the crystal structure changes according to emotions.

waters crystal structue changing according human thoughts
changing crystal structure of water

In yoga it is said that food, sex, excretion and sadhana should be done alone. It includes water as well, so as to avoid pollution.

How much to drink

According to one’s thirst.

Take water in SIPS. Haven’t you heard this: Sips of water is what it takes to keep your kidneys shipshape. And this: ‘drink your liquids and eat your water’? Here eating means to swallow water in sips after mixing with saliva. Our stomach is an acidic place and to keep it alkaline it is best to drink water in sips after thoroughly mixing it with saliva. This makes the water as well as the blood alkaline, which is extremely important. During the day don’t drink water in huge quantities. This should be done only in the morning after waking up. The practice is called Usha-Paan.


Here one has to drink 8 anjalis of water (the amount of water you can hold when you cup both your palms) after getting up in the morning, sip by sip mixing with saliva. It comes about less than a litre (measure it for yourself). One can also occasionally squeeze lime into it. This water must be kept overnight in a lota or kalash or a kudam in malayalam as it reduces surface tension of water. It allows water to squeeze into cells and is very cleansing.

 copper lota
copper lota

It is best to store water in pots which is a bigger version of a lota as it reduces surface tension of water. When the weather is cold, rainy it is best to keep in metallic lotas (gold, silver, brass, copper); when it is hot it is best to keep water in clay lotas or pots. Water stored in plastic is not good, glass container is ok when you are traveling, and make sure you have pots at home. No other shape other than this spherical shape reduces surface tension. Rain water is the purest form of water in an unpolluted atmosphere and its shape is spherical too. It is best to collect and drink rain water during monsoons. Also drinking warm water during monsoons is good if water is impure and to maintain body temperature effortlessly. Warm water is absorbed faster than room temperature  water. And chilled or iced water is the WORST.

clay pot
clay pot
women water carrying water pots
women water carrying water pots

Colonially Propped Indian Government run by Nehru had asked American Industrial Designers Charles Eames and his wife and colleage Ray Eames to explore the problems of design and to make recommendations for a training programme. Can there be any further insult to Bharat–the light of the world, where our Rishis once lived. But can we expect any other action?  Following the report, the Government set up the National Institute of Design in 1961.

In the report which they submitted in 1958, this is what they had to say about our lota and pots:

“Of all the objects we have seen and admired during our visit to India, the Lota, that simple vessel of everyday use, stands out as perhaps the greatest, the most beautiful. The village women have a process which, with the use of tamarind and ash, each day turns this brass into gold…. Of course, no one man could have possibly designed the Lota. The number of combinations of factors to be considered gets to be astronomical – no one man designed the Lota but many men over many generations.”

At least they got it right, when they said ‘no one man could have designed the lota’. It was actually designed by our Mahapurushas whose x-ray like eyes could penetrate into the fabric of reality and come up with ingenious inventions causing less damage to nature.

ganesha holding the kalasha on his trunk
see ganesha holding the kalasha on his trunk

When a lota is adorned for specific functions it is called a purna-kalash or complete vessel. It is for purification. One intrepretation of the Purna-Kalasha is its association with the five elements or the chakras. The wide base of metal pot represents the element Prithvi (Earth), the expanded centre – Ap (water), neck of pot – Agni (fire), the opening of the mouth – Vayu (air), and the coconut and mango leaves – Akasha (aether). In contexts of chakras, the Shira (literally “head”) – top of the coconut symbolizes Sahasrara chakra and the Moola (literally “base”) – base of Kalasha – the Muladhara chakra.

The purna kalash is used to specific functions or poojas and even to welcome people.

pranab mukherjee given a traditional welcome at a temple
pranab mukherjee given a traditional welcome at a temple

A kalash or lota with a handle is known a kamandalu. This was one of the accessories of yogis. Now you know that these were not designed by ordinary humans.

shiva meditating
lord shiva with his kamandalu on his left side

In kerala we have modified it with a tapering sprout, it is usually made of bell metal for poojas and is also commonly placed at the entrance of homes for washing the feet before entering. The tapering sprout reduces the quantity of water coming out and is a good water management practice.

pot with a sprout
a kindi

Last but not the least make the best use of water; keep it pure; do not waste it; conserve it, recycle it.

Whatever tips and methods that is mentioned not only in this post but in this blog, forms only a small part of the wisdom that was given by our Rishis which formed a part of daily life in Bharat. If my readers know something other than what is mentioned here, please share. Also learn whatever you could from the members of your older generations in your families, because this collective wisdom if once lost, it will be difficult to regain it.

And since everything could not be mentioned here, for the rest use your reasoning, so that your brain cells gets a good workout.


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