In the human body you will find that body hair is densely concentrated on the head and not all over the body as in other animals. In Ayurveda body hair and nails are the malas or the waste material of asthi dhatu / bone tissue. There is concept of waste in life and it is a false idea concocted by morons. What is not useful for one is useful for other; it is like a recycling process and death of the body is the greatest recycling event.

Since hair is asthi dhatu’s waste matter it is highly concentrated on the head as energy flows down from the crown of the head to the rest of the body. It also gives stability to the body, regulates temperature, traps bacteria, enhances the aura or the electromagnetic field and so on. But the most important function of hair is that it enhances  the ability to experience divinity. Now you understand why our Rishis kept long hair and flowing beards.

agastya muni and lopamudra
agastya muni and his wife lopamudra

Those who are interested to read more about the scientific aspects of hair can go through the links below, as I don’t want to spend much time on it, as i am more interested in the functional aspects of maintaining and braiding hair which is a slowly vanishing aspect nowadays.

IMPORTANT: Human beings should not SHAVE body hair on any part of their body. Women and men if absolutely needed should TRIM only the hair on their head, and beard in case of men, AND NOT ANYWHERE ELSE on their body.

Woman shaving legs
Woman shaving legs


Men can grow long hair and tie it in a bun on the back side. Long hair for men is extremely important as it increases their virility; the same is true for the woman. Men can also keep a short beard as it helps to overcome their unregulated attraction for women and it also looks decent. Men can allow hair to grow on their heads and face at least before the age of sixty as  it considered as the starting of old age. By doing this they can stay healthy till the time they die.

Tell me which looks better?

 nivin pauly
shaved look
nivin pauly in premam
with a trimmed beard


During the glory days of Bharat and not in corrupt colonially propped up India, every aspect of life was consciously crafted. From planning before birth to death and beyond; from waking up, sitting, bathing to dying, everything was systematized so than human beings make the best of their precious lives. Now this is a slowly vanishing aspect and is very rarely seen nowadays. This way they stayed healthy without the need for hospitals. Now in these days of degenerating decency and that too in Kerala we have a medcity – a city for treating unhealthy people. What else can you expect in a God forsaken land?. What i have to say is expressed in this verse.

They keep their engines silky smooth

its bodies neat as a pin

while their human form

only through which to experience divinity

is ever towed behind like a wreck.

Earlier we had hourglass shaped women with pot breasts, now we have only the western educated size zero hollow reeds with silicon breasts, which can easily break apart. Remember in the movie DEV D what Dev’s father tells him:  “london jakar tera taste kharab ho gaya hai; whisky ki jagah par Vodka pitaa hai; Chicken ki jagah fish khaataa hai; aur asli aurton ko chhod ke baans ki sukhi sukhi dandiyo. ke pichhe bhaagtaa hai, tera kya hoga?” (Going to London has ruined your taste; you drink vodka and not whisky, eat fish and not chicken,  likes skinny girls and not the real woman, what will happen to you?). See the timeless wisdom of a concerned father!


In pre-modern times if a woman steps out of her house with her hair uncombed, braided or tied at the back, she was considered to be of a corrupt character. Now this has become a fashion and is fast catching up like a wild fire. Remember Draupadi’s vow that she would not oil or tie her hair until she could wash her hair with the blood of Dusshasana.

Bheem washing draupadi hair with dusshasana’s blood

Now check out this crap hairstyle.

hair kept loose

Now the difference between science and fashion is that fashion changes according to the prevailing idiocies and science stands still whatever crap may happen outside. In science 2+2=4 anywhere in the world, whereas in fashion or art it may vary. See Kedar temple standing undisturbed even after the flood. This is solid science and not stupidity. What is TRUE will LAST and what is is FALSE will FADE, like Sanatana Dharma which is still alive. Remember the countries where foreigners invaded, where there are now only Christian lambs. But see Bharat’s case, Sanatana Dharma is still thriving. One can also see other religions busy adding pawns to their numbers. This should not be allowed to happen.

Kedarnath temple

See, women’s hair arrangement is according to the length of the hair. Traditionally women in India used to have long hair up to their ankles, so the only way they could manage it was by making three strands of it and pleating it and there is no other way.

womens hair
A statue in a temple

For women who had hair up to their waist they used to coil up their hair as in kerala. Women made sure that it is to their left side (for men it is to the right), and some even coiled it on the crown of their head which is now considered to be unfashionable. This preference for the left is done to maintain the balance between the feminine and the masculine aspect. For women who has more femininity need to balance it more masculinity. Hence by coiling the hair and putting it on the left side, it reduces the feminine aspect. This is a kind of acupressure method. Kerala ladies have you noticed that your pallu is over your left should and not on your right.

kerala womens hair
women coiled their hair on top of their heads
kerala womens hair
hair coiled on the left side

Now the best way to deck ones hair is to have a central parting as it has more spiritual benefits. Click the below link.

It is also the place where sindoor is apllied. Here’s what shankaracharya says in Soundarya Lahari.

“Tanothu kshemam nas tava vadhana-saundarya lahari.
Parivaha-sthrotah-saraniriva seemantha-saranih.
Vahanti sinduram prabala-kabari-bhara-thimira-.
Dvisham brindair bandi-krtham iva navin’arka kiranam”

(Oh mother, let the line parting thine hairs, Which looks like a canal, Through which the rushing waves of your beauty ebbs, And which on both sides imprisons, Your Vermillion , which is like a rising sun, By using your hair which is dark like, The platoon of soldiers of the enemy, Protect us and give us peace)

woman with sindoor
woman with sindoor on the hair parting

After parting ones hair one can keep it in a bun shape behind or have long plaits but make sure that its ends are tied so that that tips of your hair is not visible. You might remember old women keeping a strand of tulasi where the ends are tied. This prevents the body’s energy from dissipating and strengthens your aura.


See, ideally your palms are best. But now since you get combs made of wood it is best to use it. PLASTIC COMBS which is freely available in the market is NOT GOOD and is the WORST you can get.


The best and the easiest thing to wash your hair is your own fresh urine. In kerala we use kanji water, Chemparathi thali (Paste of hibiscus leaves and flowers) and so on.


In kerala we use coconut oil boiled with leaves of curry leaves or bringaraj. Massage your hair with oil in the morning and keep it for half an hour. NEVER USE ANY ARTIFICIAL PRODUCTS ON YOUR HAIR OR BODY. More in another post.

Since i am a man writing this i expect women to share their thoughts on this.


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