Body Wastes – 1

Excretion is the process of passing waste material from the body; it is called mala in ayurveda. There are two types of malas in the body:

1. Ahara mala / waste from food

2. Dhatu mala / waste from body tissues


It is of three types 1. Urine 2. Feces 3. Sweat


As soon as one gets up in the morning after doing certain practices (will be elaborated in dinacharya category) the first urge must be to pass urine and then stools. This is a healthy sign. Uriniating after passing stools and urinating while passing stools is not good.

Asana for passing urine

Featured image
urinating position

In this position your body’s weight should rest on your toes. The distance between the toes must be about the distance between the two sides of your hips. Always clench your teeth while passing urine.

It is the best position for human beings to urinate and not the way morons urinate by standing up by aping the west. In kerala, when a pregnant woman returns to her home she is made to clean the floors of her house in this position. It exercises her pelvic muscles to ensure a smooth delivery. There are other activities also to ensure a smooth delivery (it will be explained in another post).

IMPORTANT: There are other important uses of human urine (will be explained in another post).


One should pass feces or stool after one passes urine in the morning. Always clench your teeth while passing stools. Passing of stools must be quick, say in a few seconds. This is a healthy sign. I say that he is a happy person who can empty his bowels of previous day’s wastes.

Position for passing stools

malasana, squatting position, passing stools

This is the best position for passing stools and not the the way taught by the stupid west. Ideally stools must be passed in open ground where it gets decomposed and dried quickly due to sun’s heat and not stored in septic tanks which can pollute water sources both on and below the ground.

IMPORTANT: If on getting up you do not have the urge to pass stool then it is better to sit in vajrasana for sufficient time until the urge comes.


If, even after sitting in vajrasan the urge does not come then drink couple of cups of warm water and walk briskly. You can also try kawa chalanasan. Here is a YT link for kawa chalanasan. No copyright violation intended.


One should exercise and make the body sweat as it cleanses the body as well as the tiny pores on the skin. This should be done daily except on full moon/ pournami and new moon/ amavasya days. If sweat comes while practicing asanas it should be rubbed back into the body.

In Ayurveda, the same is called as Svedhana or sweat therapy which is part of Purvakarma, and is a preparation for Panchakarma.


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