Right way to breathe – 2

In Yoga there are four types of breathing. 1. Abdominal breathing 2. middle breathing 3. Upper breathing 4. Complete Yogic breathing


This kind of breathing is associated with the movement of the diaphragm and the outer wall of the abdomen.This movement helps to enlarge the chest cavity downwards and allows the diaphragm to move upwards while exhaling.

abdominal breathing
abdominal breathing


Here the ribs expands outwards and upwards by muscular contraction and the lungs expand outwards and upwards.

middle breathing
middle breathing


Also known as CLAVICULAR breathing, here the person does shallow breathing where air goes into the topmost part of the lungs. When this happens the upper ribs, shoulders and the collar bones is raised upward. This kind of breathing is widely seen now because of polluted atmosphere, wearing of belts, tight clothing etc.

upper breathing
upper breathing


This includes all the above three and it exercises the muscles of the lungs completely. Inhale through both nostrils slowly and deeply till your lungs is full completely–lower, middle and upper and then exhale slowly. The count of inhalation and exhalation should be same. For example, if you inhale for four seconds, exhale also for four seconds. Do it for five minutes daily and in the morning when the air is relatively free of pollution. This is best done sitting and can also be done while walking.

Rapid and shallow breathing increases the rate of your heart beat which reduces your life span. Slow and deep breathing reduces the speed of your heart and increases your life span


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