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Basic Exercises for the Body – 2

Above, the famous FLAG POSE. Courtesy of http://www.beastskills.com/the-flag/

Basic exercises for DUMMIES

Any exercise depends upon 3 factors. 1. your body type, 2. where you live, 3. your age.


There are three body types according to Ayurveda. VATA, PITTA, KAPHA. Bruce lee is a classic example of a vata person, Jason Statham – Pitta, and Zach Galifianakis of the movie The Hangover–a kapha.

Vata pitta kapha persons

Vata people should exercise the least, Pitta–moderately (otherwise baldness) and Kapha — heavily.


It means the weather of the place where you live. A person living in a hot place (VATA-PITTA) say (India) should exercise moderately. A person living in cold places (KAPHA)  like europe, america, russia should exercise heavily with FAST MOVEMENTS like running to stimulate vata and pitta. A person living in tropical or rainy, marshp places (VATA)  should exercise the least.

IMPORTANT: Running or jogging in tarred road or tarmac will WEAR your JOINTS. If you run always do so on grassy surface, beach sand, soft earth. And dont run marathons like Milind Soman (see how his hair started greying), it is the quickest way to death and is damaging to the body. The original marathon run by the greek pheidippides was to deliver an urgent message and was not a SPORTS ITEM then. Nowadays FOOLS run marathons at any slightest excuse. However, on tarmac or tarred roads you can RACE WALK. This is way better than running on roads. It should, however, not be overdone.

Likewise, one must exercise seasonally. Exercise less in rainy season; moderately in summer and heavily in autumn. Autumn or Sharad season is the best season in Ayurveda. Hence this prayer in Atharva Veda:

A hundred autumns may we see.
A hundred autumns may we live.
A hundred autumns may we know.
A hundred autumns may we grow.
A hundred autumns may we thrive.
A hundred autumns may we be.
A hundred autumns may we bide.
A hundred, yea, and even more.


Children should play, Teenagers and Adults should exercise. People above 60 yrs, sick people, and those feeling weak should not exercise.


Any basic exercise should involve loosening the joints to gain flexibility. Bending forwards and backwards and twisting to both sides. You can learn basic exercises from seeing baba ramdev’s videos in youtube or from isha foundation or from any other place.

When britishers can to india they replaced traditional exercises and martial arts with Physical training or PUNY TRAINING (emasculating). Do you remember learning this as school students. There is a world of difference between bharat’s Rishi designed exercises and those by foolish white men. Dhand-bhaitaks or push-ups and sit ups were staple exercises of bharat.

john grimek
John grimek
dhand or hindu push ups
hindu push ups


Traditionally the basic exercise done by yogis and householders was called SURYA NAMASKAR. This is for general health as it workouts the basic energy centres. If you do it FAST you get STAMINA; if you do it SLOWLY you get STRENGTH. Since there are several styles of doing surya namaskar it is best to learn somebody. In isha yoga, it is taught as part of hata yoga. Surya Namaskar is traditionally done in set of even numbers: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10…. A healthy person is expected to do 12 to 16 sets. Surya Namaskar if synchronized with breathing is a form of meditation as well. To learn surya namaskar see link below:


There is also its counter part the CHANDRA NAMASKAR which calms your mind.


There is then the specialized surya namaskar called SURYA SHAKTI or SHAKTI NAMASKAR. The difference is that here dands or hindu push ups is added. Check this link below. The person shows a little more powerful surya namaskar and shakti namaskar.


This specialized exercise was done by khusti or body builders in india in a set of 108.

This can also be learned from Isha Yoga.


Well, this one is not an physical exercise but energy execise. This can also be learnt form ISha Yoga.


Activities like Swimming, walking, cycling, playing games etc keep you fit but wont give your body a work out as exercise does. Human beings have to do this because of the special design of the body.

IMPORTANT: LIke as i said before women shouldnt over exercise. There are restrictions for pregnant women as to what exercise or activity to do or not do. They shouldnt do heavy exercises during pregnancy. There are however allowed to do activities that stengthen their pelvic muscles to allow easy childbirth.


It is best to do exercise with the rising of the sun, as there will be natural light. That is in the morning. It is best to do exercise once a day if you do other physical activities during the day. If not, twice a day. One should not exercise immediately before or after eating.  After exercise leave 1 to one and a half hours before eating. And after eating a gap of 4 to 5 hours before doing mild exercise.


One must stop exercising after the whole body sweats from head to toe. One must rest for an hour before bathing/shower.


Now, the western concept of health is to maintain the body. Whereas in bharat, Susruta one of famous Ayurvedic exponents defined health as:

“sama dosha sama agnischa sama dhatu mala kriyaaha|
Prasanna atma  indriya manaha swastha iti abhidheeyate”

Which means, One is in perfect health when the Three doshas ( vata, pitta and Kapha), the Digestive fire ( digestion, assimilation and metabolism), all the body tissues & components (Dhatus) (the entire physical body), all the excretory functions  (the physiological functions of urination and defecation) are in perfect order with a  pleasantly disposed and contented mind, senses and spirit.

A HEALTHY MAN should have his back arched backwards and his underbelly tucked in (not the washboard type). A HEALTHY WOMAN on the other hand should have her back arched backwards and her underbelly protruding outwards a little bit. That my friends is called body fat and it is very essential especially for woman. DO you know that the modern skinny woman like Deepika Padukone gives birth only once or twice and that too by cesarean, whereas in old times, 10 or 12 childbirths.  Thats some sort of strength, right!

kaniha in pazhassi raja

Now can the see the world of difference between the west and the east. I dont know why still we are eating the shit of the west. And, it is these deranged people who come to kerala which has a unique tradition of Ayurveda, to cure their foolishness. Now Steffi Graf is appointed by Kerala govt to promote ayurveda.

Seven Dhatus in Ayurveda

Tissue Wastes – Part 2

I see that almost no body has my previous post on body wastes. And it is THE important post in my whole blog.


As long as one lives, one has to BREATHE, DRINK, EAT and SHIT. If you do these things correctly you will live a HEALTHY LIFE. If you don’t do these correctly you are moving CLOSER TO DEATH. So, read the above post first (link given above).

People think they know how to eat, but do they really know how to EAT CORRECTLY or TO ALLOW THE FOOD TO GET DIGESTED. I don’t think so! If people live according to the rules of AYURVEDA they should be able to LIVE LIKE GODS, but now life expectancy has come to 50 – 60 years and it shows that people LIVE LIKE FOOLS.

After eating food it is either digested (anna/ ahara rasa) or it putrefies in your body (AMA/ toxins formed)–GAS is formed as a result. Putrefaction/ decomposition of waste causes the production of BIO-GAS. Does it ring any bell? It means if your food is digested correctly NO GAS will be produced and no BLOATING FEELING.

Correctly digested food goes into the process of turning it into the seven tissues or saptha dhatus in a sequential order. ‘Sharira Dharanath Datvah’ means ‘ that which nourish and support the body is called a DHATU’. And the whole process of turning ahara into shukra dhatu and finally ojas takes around 40 DAYS.  So, this is serious business! And not to be tampered with.

1 Rasa Dhatu: Fluid, plasme that is digested and then nourishes cells

2 Rakta Dhatu: Blood cells that are the foundation of life

3 Masma Dhatu: Muscle tissue or flesh that provides strength

4 Medas Dhatu: Fat that lubricates the body

5 Ashti Dhatu: Bones and cartilage that provide support

6 Majja Dhatu: Marrow that supports Ashti Dhatu

7 Shukra Dhatu: Tissue that helps reproduction, including semen, gives physical strength etc.

Ojas which is ultimately produced is called the eighth dhatu or MAHA DHATU. It is the essence of what you are. It separates a man from an animal, and a YOGI  from the SCUMS . One can easily notice ojas in a pregnant woman by looking at her glowing face. For this one must observe CELIBACY and eat good food or you should know HOW TO DO SEX. If you know neither of these you are a GONE CASE. Hence people die fast.

pregnant woman in white dress

Here the yogi Dattatreya is surrounded by animal who are attracted by his aura, this is due to ojas. Anybody who meditates has set up an INDUSTRY OF OJAS.

dattatreya surrounded by animals

If you have good amount of shukra or semen which is the cement that holds the body and is present in every cell, you are a strong person otherwise you will catch diseases fast. Below, a good example of a healthy body. Do you see the half moons? Half moons should also be present on your TOE NAILS as well.

healthy finger nails with half moons

Picture courtesy of https://thisgreenearth.wordpress.com/2011/04/26/low-energy-look-at-your-fingernail-moons/

Symptoms of reduced ojas are fear, worry, weakness, loss of complexion, emaciation, roughness, cheerlessness, pain in the sense organs, decreased immunity etc. It is caused by anger, worry, fear, grief, by prolonged wasting diseases, by prolonged fasting, extreme exertion, excessive sex, excessive  elimination of bodily fluids–blood, mucus, semen; excessive exposure to sun and wind, excessively staying awake, diet of cold, dry and rough quality, by old age and seasonally dry periods. Also, drugs/substances such as alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, etc., are also detrimental to ojas. 

That is why KRISHNA says “YOGA is not for the one who eats too much or one who does not eat at all; one who sleeps too much or one who sleeps very little.”


1 Rasa – kapha (mucus/phlegm)

2 Rakta/blood – bile

3 Mamsa/ flesh – secretions of eyes, ears, nose, Mouth (tongue) hair follicles and genitals, navel

4 Medas/ fat – sweat

5 asti/ bone – hair (head), beard, body hair, nails, nail follicles

6 majja/ marrow – tears, oiliness in skin and feces

7 shukra/ semen –  no waste produced

8 Ojas – no waste produced

Disease is caused by imbalance of vata, pitta and kapha starts manifesting in tissues. When your DIGESTION is  improper vata gets disturbed as a result constipation. As a result of it your digestive fire  or the power to digest is lowered, therefore kapha increases. The ama produced as a result of indigestion is first transported by your blood and deposits in skin tissues, later it is taken to your deep tissues and organs. Therefore you become a diseased person. You might think that by popping a pill may do the job. The disease which shows up after this long process, how can you expect to be cured soon? THINK ABOUT IT!

Western people with damaged organs are BUYING ORGANS. Fools! They dont know how to take care of the body they are give with and is now on a shopping spree buying organs through violent ways from other countries. WHO says that AN ORGAN IS SOLD EVERY HOUR. I pray from the bottom of my heart that people engaged in such business ROT IN THE SEVENTH HELL.

One is born and dies through SEMEN. Knowing this, the Yogi must always preserve his semen. When the precious jewel of semen is mastered, anything on earth can be mastered. Through the grace of its preservation, one becomes as great as me, says LORD SHIVA.

Exercising our body – 1

Our body is designed to perform a certain amount of labour or activity. What did Jesus say, to eat bread by the sweat of your brow; and what are you doing. With the rise of civilization the amount spent on laboring is becoming nil. Even if we labour it doesn’t give your body a complete workout as much as exercise does. Exercise is an artificial activity to complement ordinary human labor.

First of all no form of human activity can give the body a complete workout as exercise does. It makes the body flexible, develops stamina and strength and other benefits. In Yoga it is said that one should exercise all the muscles of the body ONCE DAILY. A healthy body should be exercised so that it is able to fulfill the needs required of it. So, exercise.

There are different forms exercise as designed by our Rishis to keep our body, energy and mind fit. 1. for general fitness (flexibility and stamina) 2.  for physical culture (strength/ body building) 3. for combat or defense (martial arts) 4. exercising the flow of energy/ prana in the body (Yoga asanas use the body to do it and kriya yoga uses mind to do it) 5. exercising the mind through meditation.

(1)  For general fitness

For general fitness one must make all the joints flexible. There are lots of exercises through which one can get flexibility. You can look for Baba Ramdev’s exercises in youtube. It is best to do a systematic workout. Isha Yoga teaches Upa Yoga, Anga Mardhana and Surya Namaskar for general fitness in a systematic way. Check out the link.


Baba Ramdev’s doing dhand/ hindu push ups and bhaitaks/ squatting:


(2) For physical culture

For developing physical culture there was khusti or pehalwani. Khusti includes two things: first, to build the body and gain strength. Second, to wrestle or fight with other pehalwans, this is called malla yudh. Here only the body is used and no weapons. Legend has it that Lord Hanuman after seeing so much fighting and bloodshed by the use of weapons made a rule that one must fight with only one’s body to test strength and to settle disputes instead of killing each others. Isn’t this good? Lord Hanuman is also known as Bajrang Bali which means one who’s body is strong as a diamond.

hanuman meditating
krishna wrestling with Kamsa
krishna wrestling with Kamsa

In Bharat khusti is sacred like everything else with a strong moral and ethical sense unlike the american WWE. Gulaam Mohammed or Gama pehalwan was one of the sparkling icons of Bharat’s khusti tradition. This sport still thrives and needs much encouragement.

Gama Pehelwan with a mace
Gama Pehelwan with a mace

For those in Fort Cochin in ernakulam district in kerala T J George aka Minnal George is determined to promote his passion khust through his health club, Cochin Grapplers. This form of traditional exercise is way better than working out in the gym as it has survived for this long. As i said before WHAT IS TRUE LASTS and WHAT IS FALSE FADES.

boy exercising in a khusti akhara
boy exercising in a khusti akhara

Bharat also had a gymnastic tradition known as MALLAKHAMBA in which a pole is used to perform various feats. Mallakhamb is an ancient Indian sport which originated as a complimentary exercise for wrestling, but is now practiced as a sport in itself. The name is a combination of the words “malla” which means athlete or strong man, and “khamba”, which means pole. There are three types of mallakhamb: 1.  with a fixed pole; 2. with a hanging pole, 3. with a hanging rope or rope mallakhamb. Athletes perform a variety of yogic and gymnastic poses which practitioners say helps to develop a healthy and strong body , but also strengthens will power and helps with a composed mind. It is the state sport of madhya pradesh in india. See the genius of the RISHIS. In the picture below see the tall building behind the athletes which shows tradition continuing in modern times. What is true lasts and what is fake fades.

A boy performs a Mallakhamb pose on a pole as others watch.
A boy performs a Fixed Mallakhamb pose on a pole as others watch.
A student practices an advanced Hanging Mallakhamb
A student practices an advanced Hanging Mallakhamb
a girl practicing on a rope mallakhamb
a girl practicing on a rope mallakhamb

Uday Deshpande of Mumbai is considered to be the living legend of Mallakhamb. Here is his website:


(3) martial arts

Now martial arts has been known in Bharat from Vedic times and is known as Dhanur Veda. Its aim is to turn the body into an eye. There are plenty of institutions teaching the martial arts which is called kalari payattu in Kerala. Here this art provides a means for self defense as well as exercises the body. The britishers were so afraid of its deadliness that they banned it in kerala during colonial rule.  And it would be no prejudice to say that all the other fighting systems had its origin in Kalari payattu as bharat was, is, and will ever be the light of the world. By this i do not mean to underestimate other cultures.

a kalari practitioner practicing the urumi
a kalari practitioner practicing the urumi or the flexible sword with multiple blades

Kalari fighting does not leave two men standing. Only one remains–the other is dead, or severely crippled. What i believe is that kalari still uses iron age metals for its weapons and has not progressed since. The urumi shown above is THE deadliest weapon ever made by human hands, before the gun was made, and is both dangerous to the user as well as to the enemies, and it can be worn as  a waist belt too.

Butt since i like refinement, i like the best of other cultures like the japanese sword called katana. This is steel age technology and is an advancement over iron. Do you remember Kill Bill what Hattori Hanso says about the last sword he makes to kill O-Ren. Here’s the dialogue:

Hattori Hanzo:  What do you want with Hattori Hanzo?

The Bride:  I need Japanese steel.

Hattori Hanzo: Why do you need Japanese steel?

The Bride:  I have vermin to kill.

Hattori Hanzo:  You must have big rats if you need Hattori Hanzo’s steel.

The Bride:  … Huge.

Later Hanso says: “I can tell you, with no ego, this is my finest sword. If, on your journey, should you encounter God, God will be cut.”

Also, have you seen the japanese movie Lone wolf and cub or shogun assasin in which Ogami Ittō kills his enemies with his katana and is considered the highest kill count by any one person in a film.

shogun assassin
shogun assassin or lone wolf and cub

This is how i appreciate the best in other cultures (violence not meant). I don’t believe in killing as it leaves the killer behind, and LOVE is BEST as it leaves behind no one. What do you think?

 uma thurman and lucy liu behind the scene in kill bill
uma thurman and lucy liu behind the scene in kill bill

4. exercising the flow of energy/ prana in the body

This is done by doing yoga asanas and kriya yoga. Yoga asana is not an exercise system and it works on several aspects on the body including the lumph system which western science is taking note now. It is mainly used to workout your energy system and is MEDITATION IN MOTION. Kriya yoga also works on your energy system and is a much refined way. For asanas and kriya yoga look below link:


a kriya yogi
a kriya yogi
(5) exercising the mind through meditation.

Refer the above website.

Shiva Parvati statue at Kailasagiri
Adi Yogi Shiva and Parvati statue at Kailasagiri
a yogi giving his blessings
a yogi giving his blessings


Women should also exercise but should not over do it. Too much exercise will ruin the natural shape of their body. Traditionally women were sent to learn classical dances especially bharanatyam which was designed by our Rishis for development of women. What kalari is for men, bharatanatyam is for women. It enhances the grace of the female form without ruining it. It is way better than the BOOTY SHAKE that you see nowadays. This is clearly the work of our genius Rishis. Women should not exercise during periods.

Link on bharatanatyam:


a girl in bharatanatyam dance pose
a girl in bharatanatyam dance pose

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in studying these forms of activities it is best to learn from a proper guru and not from any street vendors. No exercise should be done on full moon and new moon days except walking, bending forward and backward, twisting sidewards once.

krishna syamasundara

How you dress: General Clothing Part-3

See, clothes were designed in Bharat taking into consideration several factors by our Rishis. One such factor is the weather. Since Bharat is a tropical country where sun shines all the time except during the monsoons, keeping the body cool became a priority. Hence our Rishis advocated single sheet of uncut and unstitched or unsewn clothes. Unstitched clothes is neither too tight nor too loose, and it allows for the easy flow of blood as well as cooling the body with air. The materials used were cotton and silk and not the synthetic ones which is being freely used now. How people wore this differed from region to region in Bharat.

krishna syamasundara
krishna syamasundara with a dhoti
 marthanda varma
marthanda varma with a mundu
 ravi varma painting
ravi varma painting – ‘looking into the mirror’
Aavaana telugu actress in a set saree
Aavaana telugu actress in a kerala set saree
 kaniha in a set mundu
Kaniha is shown wearing variation of the mundum neriyathum

Since clothes can enhance the aura of a person weavers wove gold thread on the fabric which is known as kasavu in malayalam (see the paintings above). Hence in kerala we have the kasavu or gold brocaded mundum neriyathum and saree. Neriyathu is the shorter cloth worn on the upper part of the body.

Now, after metals comes medicines. Yes! Haven’t you heard of medicine mixed garments. Weavers in Thiruvananthapuram, kerala mix herbs and spices so that the medicine enters the body through the skin and healing happens.

Such was how meticulously clothes in Bharat were designed. Now due to the muslim influence we started sewing/stitching clothes. Our dressing styles degraded to such an extent that after the coming of britishers we started wearing neck ties, which we call kanth langot. Wearing socks and shoes is said to cause eye diseases and affects our consciousness. Thats why our rishis wore wooden sandals or padukas. It also had designs on it to have an acupressure effect. Thats the genius of our Rishis.

wooden sandal paduka
wooden sandal or paduka

Have you heard this song:  Merā jūtā hai Jāpānī, ye patlūn Inglistānī, Sar pe lāl ṭopī Rūsī, phir bhī dil hai Hindustānī (My shoes are Japanese, these trousers are English; The red cap on my head is Russian, but still my heart is Indian. If everything that he is wearing is foreignthen what good is is it in having an Indian heart. It is like being without roots. In todays circumstances one can add ‘ mein bolta hoon hinglish (I speak hinglish) – where one doesnt speak ones pure language whether it is hindi or malayalam. Everything is adulterated. Now if we don’t stop it we will lose our identity and much more.

DO YOU KNOW THAT LANGUAGE AFFECTS DIGESTION? How so? Just say a name of some food item you like and see if your mouth is watering. It means that your stomach is preparing to digest that food, that too even before eating it. Now say the same word in a different language, no watering happens. It means the body’s DIGESTIVE RESPONSE is RUINED. It means you are damaging yourself and your generations to come. SO FIRST TEACH YOUR CHILDREN YOUR MOTHER TONGUE and NOT ENGLISH or any other BLOODY FOREIGN LANGUAGE.

indian family photo where men wear suits and women sarees
men wearing suits and women, sarees

I think we are caught in between the past and the future.

paresh rawal dialogue in hera pheri
paresh rawal speaking hinglish


Traditionally people of bharat wore white clothes. This the best colour. But if you like to wear coloured clothes then it best to wear them according to the colours of the days.

The colors relate to certain days of the week and astrological planets. A person should wear clothes of appropriate color for each day of the week, in order to absorb the planetary energy in the light in a positive way. For instance, to calm down the mind, which in Vedic astrology relates to the Moon, the person should dress in white clothes on Monday, which is the day of the Moon. Tuesday relates to Mars, so red or orange is the best color on that day. Wednesday is Mercury and green color while Thursday people can dress in yellow and get the blessings of Jupiter. Friday relates to Venus so it is good to wear purple and bright colors. Saturday is the day of Saturn, and best for blue, black, and dark colors. Sunday is a dark red color for the Sun.  – Vasant Lad

For more on the spiritual aspects of wearing clothes read:





Mundu is the classic case of a dress modified for practical purposes and thats the genius of malayalees or keralites. Here’s a song praising the mundu.

The Song of the Lungi

When in white, you are my formal wear.
When in design, you are a festival!
What good are those trousers?!

If I wrap you around my head,
you become a turban.
You are a blanket if I am cold.
And a sail when the wind is good.

After I play in the sea,
you become my towel.
A flag when I wave
A trap to catch the mango!

Ready for Cricket when I fold you in half,
Ready for hanging when I twist you as a rope
ready as bed when I’m struck at fairs

You become a shawl when I need modesty
and a carrying bag during a loot.

The trousers are no good!

Inspired by the “Trousers are no Good!”  folksong, which in turn is inspired by the classic “Neenarigadeyo Ele Manava” (the humans are no good).

a man wearing a mundu
a man wearing a mundu

Now one may ask is there anybody who is dressing according to our original rules. Yes, there still is! Here is a picture of Swami Nirmalananda Giri who still goes by the traditional ways. Remember what i said before WHAT IS TRUE STAYS and WHAT IS FALSE FADES.

swami nirmalananda giri
swami nirmalananda giri


How you dress: Women’s Undergarments – 2


This should probably be one of the shortest pieces in this blog for obvious reasons.

Now tradition is slowly giving way to what they call practicality and with it the timeless ways of old wisdom. See, any clothing which is fastened on to the body causes circulation of blood to slow in that area. Thats why any undergarment and bra should not be worn at least while sleeping.

Now since time is changing if you stick with the old ways you will be looked down upon but there are certain things which can be retained even now. What i am referring to is the traditional women’s lingerie called Onnara which is also called Thaar in the northern parts of kerala. It will be beneficial if any of the readers share how it can be worn and the different styles of wearing (Madithaar and Njori Thaar).

The main benefit of wearing Onnara is it reduces sexual desire because of the pressure on the clitoris and it performs the same role what kaupina does for men. Girls start wearing this garment once they reach puberty while sexually mature boys wear kaupina.

Here are some of the other benefits of wearing Onnara or Thaar

1. If onnara worn properly with adequate tightness, there will be a constant pressure over the lower abdomen which will act like an abdominal binder worn by ladies after delivery to a good extend, and will increase the intestinal movements and help to expel the gas trapped in the intestines without making noise.
2. Due to the same reason explained above, waist will reduce and buttock size will increase.
3. upward pressure exerted by the madi will increase the muscle tone of the genital area and will increase the tightness and the pleasure of rasaleela will increase.
4. When compared with panties, there will be more surface area of the clothe covering the area, resulting in more absorption of the secretions and the area will be kept dry, which will result in less chance of fungal infection.
5. Most of the panties contain synthetic materials which may cause allergy, where as for onnara cotton mundu is used, so chances of allergy is remote.

6.The elastic used in panties cause itching and discoloration in many in the upper part of thigh and around the abdomen, which will not occur with onnara.
7. During periods many onnara wearers are of opinion that it will give better confidence and protection than panty users.
8. Onnara wearing reduces the chances of developing urinary tract infection and uterine prolapse.

9.Those who are having fat thigh the inner part of upper thigh may rub together producing loss of skin and pain due to that as panties can not prevent it, where as if they wear onnara such a problem can be prevented as there will be cloth between thighs which will prevent rubbing of bear skin.

10. Onnara will reduce fat deposition in lower abdomen thereby preventing development of “kudavayaru”

Undergarment during Menstruation

Kaupina which is usually worn by men can be worn by women during her periods if she has to go out. Small pads of cotton clothes can be made and kept inside. This is way better than napkins which can be used only once. Whereas here the pads can be cleaned and reused.

Read how to wear a kaupina here:


Women’s Dress

In Kerala girls wear pavada and blouse till they reach puberty. During their teenage years they used to wear a half-sari, and one they gets married, the saree. But now this is changing.

pattu pavada, pavada and blouse
pattu pavada
kerala woman in a set saree
woman in a saree

Underwire bras are also not good energy wise.

For more on the spiritual aspects of wearing dress read:


IMPORTANT: I request the women readers who know how to wear an onnara to share how it is worn.

Lord muruga wearing kaupina

How you Dress: Men’s Undergarments -1

I find no other creature dressing up other than humans. Did our creator made us so weak that we have cover ourself up? I guess not. We were born naked and naked will we die. Since we have created this crap called civilization–i mean the social aspect and not the individual one, we have to live by it but not necessarily so (exception). I say that all the good in this world have come from realized individuals and never from social scums who know nothing other than to fight and fuck.

Since we dress up for about half the day, at least one should sleep naked. Now science is recognizing the importance of sleeping naked.


Since this is the first layer of our clothing. It is fitting that i speak on it first.

Men should at least sleep naked for its benefits. Have you noticed that your balls are kept away from your body. It is encourage production of sperm cells which need a cold environment. Thats why it is best to avoid wearing a kaupina even during the day. While it is best to wear it during exercise, running and asanas for ordinary people. Have your ever seen any creature wearing a kaupina. By not wearing the kaupina it strengthens the muscles that holds the organ like the breasts which doesn’t need any support. Thats why i like naga sadhus who want nothing between them and mother nature. This is what a female mystic called Lalleshwari of Kashmir said:

The soul.

Like the moon, is now, and always new again.

My teacher told me one thing, live in the soul.

When that was so, I began to go naked,

And dance.

Statue of Bahubali at Gommatagiri
Statue of Bahubali at Gommatagiri

This stance of nakedness,

An effort to strip the soul.

Armed with nakedness and a bowl,

The glorious one made it to the goal.

– Sadhguru

Akka Mahadevi
A female yogini–Akka Mahadevi
naga sadhu lifting weights with his prick
naga sadhu lifting weights with his prick

And this…

naga babas pulling a car with a rope attached to his penis
naga baba pulling a car with a rope attached to his penis

Can any perverted pornstars do this with his prick? These fuckers know nothing but to rub their dicks in any hole they can find. But worse is the case of the people who makes money of this degenerate business.

When britishers came to India and went to prostitutes to slake their lust, the women were surprised to find that the men finished the act so soon that they compared them to sparrows.

man quickly ejaculated
man quickly ejaculated

Who knows when this may happen?

robot making love with a woman
robot making love with a woman


Lord muruga wearing kaupina
Lord muruga wearing kaupina
 yogi with a kaupina, langot
yogi with a kaupina

For men the traditional underwear is called kaupina or konakam or langot. It consists of two pieces of cotton cloth. There was a time in Bharat and not in the colonially propped up India when Gods, Kings and commoners wore kaupina. Now under colonial influence we have started imitating the stupid west. Underwear or underpants as they call it is the most worthless piece of clothing which serves no purpose. And now synthetic undergarments have come which is not good for both men and women.

Traditionally only the renunciates or brahmacharis used to wear it to avoid being sexually aroused (this is for upstarts not for veteran brahmacharis). Now every sexual thought has its origin in the mind whose physical centre is the brain, when this happens ones prick gets hard. It is exactly to prevent this hardening the renunciates wear kaupins. So that desire is nipped in the bud. I  feel that for boys from puberty it should be worn till the time they marry so that they remain celibates until then. A celibate couple will have more commitment to each other than a sexually free couple which is now promoted by all kinds of media. And even after marriage they maintain what is called Eka Patni Vrat/ Devoted to a single wife by men and Eka Pati Vrat/ Devoted to a single husband by women. Nowadays freedom is equated with licentiousness, but you know that ‘WHAT IS TRUE STAYS AND WHAT IS FALSE FADES.’ See this:

sex education
sex education

Do you know that shankaracharya has written a poem on loincloth. It is called:

Kaupina Panchakam/ Five Stanzas on the wearer of loin-cloth

Roaming ever in the grove of Vedanta,

Ever pleased with his beggar’s morsel,

Wandering onward, his heart free from sorrow,

Blest indeed is the wearer of the loin-cloth . (1)

Sitting at the foot of a tree for shelter,

Eating from his hands his meagre portion,

Spurning wealth like a patched-up garment,

Blest indeed is the wearer of the loin-cloth . (2)

Satisfied fully by the Bliss within him,

Curbing wholly the cravings of his senses,

Delighting day and night in the bliss of Brahman,

Blest indeed is the wearer of the loin-cloth . (3)

Witnessing the changes of mind and body,

Naught but the Self within him beholding,

Heedless of outer, of inner, of middle,

Blest indeed is the wearer of the loin-cloth . (4)

Chanting Brahman, the word of redemption,

Meditating only on `I am Brahman’,

Living on alms and wandering freely,

Blest indeed is the wearer of the loin-cloth . (5)

How to make a kaupina

Take a cotton dhoti and cut two long rectangular pieces of it. Its width may vary according the physique of the person ( 3 inches and above) and its length from your toes to a little above the hips (this could vary).

How to tie it

Now take the smaller piece and tie it around your waist above your hips. Its knot must be moved to your right side for men. If you are interested, there is a particular way to tie the knot, leaving one loop. This tying method should make three ends (a loop and the two ends of the cloth), which make it easy to take on and off. Or you can just knot it twice.

Then take the longer piece and insert it through the waist string until both the ends come together. No as to how the genitals should be placed: for those whose genitals are facing up let it be so, and those whose genitals are facing downwards, let it be so. Now catch the ends of the cloth and bring it to the back over your genitals and under your legs and insert it into the waist string couple of times until the end is gone (3 tucks are enough).

Check out how a kaupina is worn in its original style here:


The other type of kaupina which is available in the market is this and this video shows how to wear it.


For more information:


Washing it

Kaupina must be washed daily.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT wear this and go to sleep.

Drinking Liquids

I don’t know of any other creature on this planet who doesn’t know what to drink, when to drink,  how to drink. Bharat’s and not India’s consciously created culture as well as the live of people all over is being destroyed by people who want to patent every shit that can fetch money. In this process they are destroying the planet, the very piece of life which is sustaining them; and the creatures living here. Have you heard the story of someone cutting the very branch on which he was sitting. Well…this is what they are doing.

We are busy making machines to make our life easier, but does it really help. We want every thing at the touch of a button or even without it by voice commands. By doing so we are becoming weaker by the minute. Have you heard about Albert Camus, he said that a time will come when If someone falls in love with somebody, he will appoint a servant to go and make love on his behalf. This i think is where we are heading if we don’t change our habits.

What to drink

Water at room temperature, fruit and vegetable juices, tender coconut water, sugarcane juice, liquid soups without veggies, boiled rice water, milk of humped indian cows, goats and others, fermented liquids should not be consumed regularly.


What not to drink

All types of bottled water, juices, and sports drinks, cold and chilled water, tea coffee with crystal sugar, jersey cows milk, powdered drinks, milk made with milk powder, soda, carbonated drinks, alcohol etc. Anything that is unnatural which you can think of.

Anything made by selfish men to make money. See, all the people you know: your politicians, your sports persons, your movie stars have cheated you by misleading us to drink poison. These people are PARASITES who destroy the very people of the country in which they live and supported them. Their RELIGION IS MONEY MAKING and their GOD, MONEY. Nothing more, nothing less.

uncle scrooje playing with money

aamir khan coke ad

shah rukh pepsi ad

shahrukh khan frooti mango juice ad

REMEMBER NOT TO BUY ANY THINGS THEY ENDORSE. These are ARTIFICIAL POISONS. Once you damage your body with these things you wont be able to cure it. Have you seen A SINGLE FILM STAR endorsing like this: come lets drink SUGAR CANE JUICE.

 a sugar cane juice seller

a tender coconut juice seller

By endorsing these they wont get CRORES of MONEY. SO THEY WONT. But know this: these are the things which MAKE YOUR LIFE and not BREAK IT. So CHOOSE WISELY.

Wait! Whats this here:

novak djokovic eating a banana


Do you think these tennis champions are poor enough to eat a banana or is it that a banana is better than than the health and sports others idiots promote. See this:

sachin tendulkar boost is the secret of my energy ad

I really dont think it is his secret nor should it be anyone else’s.

Remember what Morpheus says in the movie THE MATRIX that THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE; ITS FANTASY. I think this dialogue is correct in thins context. MEDIA DECEPTION. see below:

morpheus in tmovie he matrix

IMPORTANT: Hot water and food should not be used in melamin and plastic cups, plates, lunchboxes, water bottles, and the artificial banana leaf in kerala for serving lunch. Hot food stuffs cause these materials to mix with it and causes cancer if injested.

When to drink

When one is thirsty. When your throat feels dry and you long for water. Before meals it is best to have water one to one and a half hours before it, and after meals drink water after it is completely digested. That means after two and a half hours to three hours after meals. Nowadays we can see people drinking water either in between eating and after having a meal: know this that they are SLOWLY DRINKING THEIR WAY TO DEATH.

How to drink

We are sitting in the lap of consciousness, it means that all the elements have consciousness. So we should treat every every element as sacred. It is best to drink water sitting cross legged, you can also stand and drink if necessary but don’t drink while walking and in between talks. If you chant mantras mentally or by keeping a thanking mentality it further energizes the water or drink you are going to have. Now image if there was no civilization how will we drink water–by squatting by the side of the river isn’t it. I think squatting and drinking induces peristalsis.

man drinking water by squatting
man drinking water by squatting

There is something called molecular structure and crystal structure in any element. In water its molecular structure is rigid but its crystal structure changes. This happens due to the environment around water, the intention of the drinker, the intentions of people around, labels on bottles and so on. The picture below shows how the crystal structure changes according to emotions.

waters crystal structue changing according human thoughts
changing crystal structure of water

In yoga it is said that food, sex, excretion and sadhana should be done alone. It includes water as well, so as to avoid pollution.

How much to drink

According to one’s thirst.

Take water in SIPS. Haven’t you heard this: Sips of water is what it takes to keep your kidneys shipshape. And this: ‘drink your liquids and eat your water’? Here eating means to swallow water in sips after mixing with saliva. Our stomach is an acidic place and to keep it alkaline it is best to drink water in sips after thoroughly mixing it with saliva. This makes the water as well as the blood alkaline, which is extremely important. During the day don’t drink water in huge quantities. This should be done only in the morning after waking up. The practice is called Usha-Paan.


Here one has to drink 8 anjalis of water (the amount of water you can hold when you cup both your palms) after getting up in the morning, sip by sip mixing with saliva. It comes about less than a litre (measure it for yourself). One can also occasionally squeeze lime into it. This water must be kept overnight in a lota or kalash or a kudam in malayalam as it reduces surface tension of water. It allows water to squeeze into cells and is very cleansing.

 copper lota
copper lota

It is best to store water in pots which is a bigger version of a lota as it reduces surface tension of water. When the weather is cold, rainy it is best to keep in metallic lotas (gold, silver, brass, copper); when it is hot it is best to keep water in clay lotas or pots. Water stored in plastic is not good, glass container is ok when you are traveling, and make sure you have pots at home. No other shape other than this spherical shape reduces surface tension. Rain water is the purest form of water in an unpolluted atmosphere and its shape is spherical too. It is best to collect and drink rain water during monsoons. Also drinking warm water during monsoons is good if water is impure and to maintain body temperature effortlessly. Warm water is absorbed faster than room temperature  water. And chilled or iced water is the WORST.

clay pot
clay pot
women water carrying water pots
women water carrying water pots

Colonially Propped Indian Government run by Nehru had asked American Industrial Designers Charles Eames and his wife and colleage Ray Eames to explore the problems of design and to make recommendations for a training programme. Can there be any further insult to Bharat–the light of the world, where our Rishis once lived. But can we expect any other action?  Following the report, the Government set up the National Institute of Design in 1961.

In the report which they submitted in 1958, this is what they had to say about our lota and pots:

“Of all the objects we have seen and admired during our visit to India, the Lota, that simple vessel of everyday use, stands out as perhaps the greatest, the most beautiful. The village women have a process which, with the use of tamarind and ash, each day turns this brass into gold…. Of course, no one man could have possibly designed the Lota. The number of combinations of factors to be considered gets to be astronomical – no one man designed the Lota but many men over many generations.”

At least they got it right, when they said ‘no one man could have designed the lota’. It was actually designed by our Mahapurushas whose x-ray like eyes could penetrate into the fabric of reality and come up with ingenious inventions causing less damage to nature.

ganesha holding the kalasha on his trunk
see ganesha holding the kalasha on his trunk

When a lota is adorned for specific functions it is called a purna-kalash or complete vessel. It is for purification. One intrepretation of the Purna-Kalasha is its association with the five elements or the chakras. The wide base of metal pot represents the element Prithvi (Earth), the expanded centre – Ap (water), neck of pot – Agni (fire), the opening of the mouth – Vayu (air), and the coconut and mango leaves – Akasha (aether). In contexts of chakras, the Shira (literally “head”) – top of the coconut symbolizes Sahasrara chakra and the Moola (literally “base”) – base of Kalasha – the Muladhara chakra.

The purna kalash is used to specific functions or poojas and even to welcome people.

pranab mukherjee given a traditional welcome at a temple
pranab mukherjee given a traditional welcome at a temple

A kalash or lota with a handle is known a kamandalu. This was one of the accessories of yogis. Now you know that these were not designed by ordinary humans.

shiva meditating
lord shiva with his kamandalu on his left side

In kerala we have modified it with a tapering sprout, it is usually made of bell metal for poojas and is also commonly placed at the entrance of homes for washing the feet before entering. The tapering sprout reduces the quantity of water coming out and is a good water management practice.

pot with a sprout
a kindi

Last but not the least make the best use of water; keep it pure; do not waste it; conserve it, recycle it.

Whatever tips and methods that is mentioned not only in this post but in this blog, forms only a small part of the wisdom that was given by our Rishis which formed a part of daily life in Bharat. If my readers know something other than what is mentioned here, please share. Also learn whatever you could from the members of your older generations in your families, because this collective wisdom if once lost, it will be difficult to regain it.

And since everything could not be mentioned here, for the rest use your reasoning, so that your brain cells gets a good workout.